“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” 

William Arthur Ward​


"With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope. With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discord of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood..."

They’re helping young men, who are at risk of slipping through the net, recognise their true potential. Fathers who are struggling to stand strong are also seeking their advice. Origin is making an impact. They are empowering our future leaders. Thank you for answering the call to provide leadership to our generation of youth so they can be great leaders of tomorrow. My desire is to see the dream continue to grow. The seeds you continue to plant will also continue to bear fruit and true to the words of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "out of the mountain of despair" will come "a stone of hope."  We Salute you Origin! Let the circle remain unbroken!

Rising From The Ashes


​Martin Luther King Jnr. had a dream which he didn't live to see come to life. However, he shared that vision with others who were able to continue the process. Today we are privileged to be part of that dream. I encourage you therefore to keep the dream alive! Keep serving! Keep building up our young men. Your sacrificial giving today is so that our children can have a better future than we now have just like we are experiencing a much better way of life, than what our forefathers experienced in the past. You were chosen for such a time as this. A gift was invested in you and as you live out your purpose, the leaders of the next generation are being inspired to be all God has called them to be.

Too many children are craving the love of their fathers because those men had no one who cared enough to invest in them. Those same individuals then get married, having no idea what it takes to be a husband who leads his family. And therefore, the destructive cycle continues and the divorce rates continue to increase. More children are left in the care system or to others who have not been given the responsibility to train them up and so they slip through the net or struggle to find their way through life.

​​Today we have Origin standing in the gap for some of these young men who are either growing up without their fathers or with little support from their fathers.

Paul Reid, Director 

(Black Cultural Archive,


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” 

William Arthur Ward

We give honour to God who planted the vision. We thank Him for those who had to sacrifice much to ensure the dream was birthed and the work sustained. Thank you to all who have come on board since the early days, when it was simply an idea, to those who are now coming on board ensuring the vision is transferred to the next generation. The generation you now serve may not fully understand the importance of the lessons you now try to pass on and some may not even appreciate what you are doing. Nevertheless your labour of love will not be in vain and I'm here to encourage you not to give up. They are the reason you started Origin and they are the reason you must continue to labour. The seed planted will bear fruit. It may not be in your timing but it will not be in vain.

Copyright © 2016, Janice S Ramkissoon.

Our thanks goes out to Brother Pablo Reid and the many supporters of this great initiative: thank you for not giving up on the dream. Thank you to New Initiatives Youth and Community Association for bringing the vision to fruition. Thank you to all who have helped to keep the dream alive—for your self-less contribution to the next generation of leaders.  You took the time to care and as a result, many more fathers are standing up and being responsible for the training of their children. More young men are now aspiring to be a husband instead of someone's 'baby Daddy' and all the drama that goes with that title. More youth are opting to stay in school, taking their education seriously and pursuing a career rather than aspiring to be a drug dealer or part of a gang where violence is used to fight for justice.

Origin, thank you for your faithfulness and love towards our future leaders. Truly, “It takes a village to raise up a child,” as the late Ruth Bell-Graham says. I am proud of the achievements of Origin so far and appreciative of all they have done for the men in the community. I am blessed to have been a witness to the incredible work you continue to do in the lives of our youth and the blessings you impart on all concerned. Thank you for standing in the gap and showing the youth of this generation what it means to be part of a family, and for training them up to be great leaders of tomorrow. You have imparted knowledge and wisdom to the young men who have been brought to you and made a difference to their world. You've brought hope to areas of hopelessness and inspired a generation of leaders. The village cannot thank you enough.