W2S is celebrating its 10th anniversary by featuring ten different writers over the coming year. Written works are a reflection of the Master’s heart, with leadership in mind. In this update, our featured writer is Jody Goode.

Like our previously featured writer, Jody and her husband, of 33 years, Bruce, have also been blessed with two children (a son and a daughter). Read samples of Jody's articles and poems, to encourage, motivate and inspire you.

You can find out more about the heart behind these articles by visiting Jody's Faithwriter's page as well as  her website:Evangelical Poetry

By Jody R Goode

Age to Age the Music plays
A symphony from God's own Hand
From the beginning a perfect score did He compose
For each instrument He has His perfect purpose

Each part uniquely assigned
Measures holding beats to play
And those to give the player rest
Notes sharp and flat; notes short and slurred
Tempos slow and tempos fast
For each there is a season

Nonsensical when played alone
Though practice pays when joined by all
An orchestra with eyes all front and center
Ready to follow the gentle lead of the Director

Rehearsal unfolds the Heart of the Composer
With Music binding musicians one to another
Playing on cue the parts set before them
The symphony sounds with bountiful freedom

Tuned and ready, the final performance at hand
Fruit of sacrifice sure to bring blessings grand
First before going Home, a celebration feast in finest fashion
Honoring all the good and faithful for a job well done

Source: Evangelical Poetry




Jody R Goode