Our thanks goes out to Brother Pablo Reid and the many supporters of this great initiative: thank you for not giving up on the dream. Thank you to New Initiatives Youth and Community Association for bringing the vision to fruition. Thank you to all who have helped to keep the dream alive—for your self-less contribution to the next generation of leaders.  You took the time to care and as a result, many more fathers are standing up and being responsible for the training of their children. More young men are now aspiring to be a husband instead of someone's 'baby Daddy' and all the drama that goes with that title. More youth are opting to stay in school, taking their education seriously and pursuing a career rather than aspiring to be a drug dealer or part of a gang where violence is used to fight for justice. >>>Continue reading

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An effective leader doesn’t just tell others what to do or simply show them what to do—He or she works alongside those under their leadership as well as allow them to grow—calling out the leader in them. An effective leader sees the leader in others and empowers—helping them to recognise and utilise their leadership gifts. Such a leader labours, not just for his/her personal gain, but for the greater good of the people he/she leads. >>>Continue Reading

​Hearing the song, ‘So Confused’[1] for the first time, I was sitting in the audience of an Origin Graduation—watching a young man tap dancing to that song. It always took me back to that event whenever I hear that song. Recently, I heard it playing and was transported once more to that event. However, that recent encounter allowed me to see something very powerful.

I saw two leaders in our community, performing in two separate roles. One was busy engaging in a session of mentoring young men while the other was engaged in implementing strategies, ensuring mentors are trained and mentees have a forum to showcase their talents and set on the path to reach their true potential in life. It made me smile because I saw great leadership in action. I can say this with confidence about one of the leaders I saw in that vision as I have encountered a great number of leaders in my lifetime and can now differentiate between effective and ineffective leadership.

In that vision, I saw the power and the spirit of unity. I also saw compassion, brotherly love, sacrificial giving and a cord knitting together the broken pieces of our community—each one just a link in the chain, in the grand scale of things, yet a leader in his own right. It was a moment of inspiration that led me to give thanks for the men in my world.  Particularly those, who, despite the odds against them, continue to effectively lead the next generation of leaders in their care. It was a brief moment with a lasting impact. In my sharing, I hope to encourage, motivate and inspire leaders of today and tomorrow to be effective in their current and future leadership roles.

[1] By 2Play featuring Raghav and Jucxi