First published on W2S 13th June 2007

Playing Catch
by Janice S Ramkissoon

Javin, my 4 year old son, and I were playing with a tennis ball and it reminded me of how the blessings we receive works.  The stunt I did which brought this to mind, I cannot repeat.  I made several attempts to repeat this process but nothing happened.  I had one tennis ball, I was throwing it to Javin but he was looking away, so I quickly caught it with the other hand and I kept repeating that process until I had Javin’s full attention again.  We then started to play catch again.  Below are the three points that came to me:

1.        Pass it along and it will come back to you;

2.        Never keep it to yourself, or someone will lose out;

3.        Keeping a blessing you’ve received to yourself, 
            compromises future blessings.

I like these beautiful words sung by Hezekiah Walker and the love fellowship choir that says: ‘I need you. You need me. We’re all apart of God’s body…. I love you. I need you to survive…’.  For me to survive, on this Christian journey, I will need you to help me along the way, sometimes.  And for you to survive, I need to help you along the way, as well.  At various points on our spiritual journey we will require some help to get to the next stage. That is why we are commanded to ‘Love one another’.  If you love one another as commanded, you will not want to see anyone come to harm and so, you will want to share with them your experience, hoping they’ll benefit from it.

Whatever lessons you have learnt along the way, you should freely share with others, so they too, can experience God’s blessings.  You never know where your next blessing will be coming from.

The following case studies helped me to understand this much clearer. Hope it will do the same for you.

Case-study 1:   Understanding points 1 & 2

I was talking to a friend about a gift I believed I was blessed with (song-writing) but wasn’t sure how to use it.  He said to me: “If you don’t use it, God will take it away from you and give it to someone else”.  Immediately that reminded me of the story of the coins*.  I have since shared some of these songs in the public domain and others, who have been blessed with the words from these songs, have shared with others and encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing.

  • The inspiration I got was transformed into lyrics which could help others;

  • The lyrics blessed the hearts of many, causing them to send up the praise;

  • Their encouragement helps me to keep working towards the kingdom.

Can you see what I’m getting at?  A blessing multiplies when it’s shared.  Had I done nothing about the inspiration I was getting from God, they would have stayed in my head and soon be forgotten.  Alternatively, I could have written them down and kept them hidden in a box, not being of use to anyone.  God blessed me with a gift and I am using this gift to bring Glory to His name.

Case-study 2:   Understanding point 3

Another friend of mine, who I grew up in church with, had chosen the ways of the world to that of Christ.  God would show me when he’d be in need of guidance and I would call and talk/share with him.  On several occasions I had to chastise him.  But even when his situation seemed like a lost case, I didn’t give up on him.  I remained true to our friendship.  Ten years on and I was the one in need of guidance.  I was a member in a church but unable to get the spiritual guidance I needed.  The table had turned and God provided this same person (now a student pastor, himself) to reach me where I was at, spiritually.  He helped me to understand some of what God was doing in my life.  He pointed me to the scriptures I needed (specific to my situation) and help me to understand that, indeed, the Holy Spirit does teach us all we need to know. 

During this time, I was very confused and had lost faith in the church.  I often wonder what the outcome would have been, had I given up on him all those years ago?  If I didn’t help him then, I would not have been a blessing to him which later found him in seminary school, equipping himself with the tools he would need to help provide me with the guidance I needed, a decade later.

So, when God blesses you, it’s so that you can give Him the glory.  Therefore, you must share with each other and help each other to grow in Christ.

          Bounce it...Roll it... Throw it...Pass it along....Someone will catch it.

© 2007 Janice S Ramkissoon

Notes: *___The story of the ‘Coins’ I referred to in the article can be found in Luke 19. This is called ‘The Story of the Ten Servants’.