As part of the parenting features there are pictures of Javin's 13th birthday [Thanksgiving] concert. These pictures were taken by Mr. Paul [Pablo] Reid as a gift to us. He also blessed us with a recording of the concert for which we are very grateful. We would like to use this space to say THANK YOU to Mr. Reid for his kindness in providing us with a memento of the day. We appreciate the time and effort that went into this project and with the pictures and recordings, you made it possible to have a colourful reminder of the day that we can now share with friends and relatives. The pictures will be displayed for a limited period here: Parenting.





We would like to thank all the relatives and friends who came to support our son at his thanksgiving concert. You've all helped us to celebrate him becoming a teenager. We couldn't have done it without your support. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GIFTS (in the time you spent with him on the day, the gifts and cards you've sent for him and your words of encouragement). WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL!​ >>>Continue reading

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Marriage Week 2017 (7-14 Feb). Get ideas on how to spend your week from Marriage Week UK.

In 'Teenagers!' Rob Parsons covers a variety of teenage related issues in twelve chapters. 'Teenagers!' Is very easy to read, with practical advice and provides light humour. Parsons address serious topics in 'Teenagers!' such as: bullying, sex, drugs, self-esteem, communication, unconditional love and acceptance, and letting them go. There is something to edify, highlight or simply help a parent to breathe a sigh of “I’m not alone!”

Parsons found that, ​“Isolation is one of the great tragedies of modern life,” and this is one of the reasons we do what we do here on W2S. We will upload the complete review of 'Teenagers!' for you soon.

Parenting is hard work but help is available regardless of your status or family setting. We will add more links to resources as soon as possible for your perusal.