Blessed is the soul who stands the nightwatch...

In the quiet of the night she waits upon the One who called her name.

He presents Himself to her in a way only the spirit can comprehend...

     ...He sets her feet to dancing and her heart to rejoicing.

"I am in the presence of the King! Here am I Lord ~ please send me!"

Speaking wisdom to her innermost parts,

     she knows her calling and responds to His command.

Dressed for battle ~ 

     she pours out her heart at the foot of the throne for those she loves...

          ...and even those she does not know.

A pleasure in His sight, He hears her cry,

     and answers in the place where He dwells.

With a single word, He gathers a mighty Host and sends them out,

     to war over those for whom she's labored,

          to protect them from harm at the enemy's hand.

The prayer of a righteous warrior has accomplished much.

The Heavens celebrate in its triumph...

     ...The Enemy trembles in his defeat.

Guarded carefully in the refuge of His Wing,

     she rests as the new dawn approaches.

Blessed is the soul who stands the nightwatch...

I've come to know without a doubt, without my God I am utterly powerless, but with Him I have all the power of Heaven to endure to the end and fight the good fight in the battle for souls. ... Amen.

By Jody R Goode




Jody R Goode

W2S is celebrating its 10th anniversary by featuring ten different writers over the coming year. Written works are a reflection of the Master’s heart, with leadership in mind. In this update, our featured writer is Jody Goode.

Like our previously featured writer, Jody and her husband, of 33 years, Bruce, have also been blessed with two children (a son and a daughter). Read samples of Jody's articles and poems, to encourage, motivate and inspire you.

You can find out more about the heart behind these articles by visiting Jody's Faithwriter's page as well as  her website:Evangelical Poetry