On the 2nd January 2016, we held a concert to celebrate our son's 13th birthday. We couldn't have organised it all without the support of friends, neighbours and members of our fellowship. 

In the picture above are our friends Stan and Paula Boelman who came to support us on the day. People say a picture represents a thousand words. Well, I am indeed grateful that the one I call 'Pops' (Paul Reid) was actually present and able to capture us all on that picture. It is now being shared to celebrate our friendship with Stan and Paula who just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary and therefore this picture is posted to say, "Happy Anniversary Stan and Paula!"  

It is also being shared to celebrate our 13th year of parenting and our 16th year of marriage. What an adventure it has been! Without the support of these beautiful souls in our lives the various challenges we have been facing, would seem much more difficult to overcome.​

Unfortunately, Paula has since been hospitalised with a life-threatening illness and has spent the most part of 2016 in hospital. She recently had major surgery and is now recovering. Throughout her illness her husband has been by her side, travelling to and from the hospital on a daily basis. It takes courage to stand. Something we admire in them both. 

While Paula was in hospital we also got the chance to see their parenting in operation and was encouraged by their leadership.   

Without the man behind the camera, Mr Paul [Pablo] Reid, I possibly would not be celebrating 'Father's Day' each year. Therefore, it is fitting to have a piece on this page to honour him: Thank you Pops for helping me to see the light. You stood in the gap for the Father I never got the opportunity to meet. Thank you for being there at the finish line each time I crossed over. Your beaming smile on my graduation day, your speech on my wedding day and your reassuring smile in the audience, as we celebrated our son preparing to enter into his teen years, were the signs of approval I craved from my very own absent father. You stood in the gap and my heart received the healing it longed for.  Thank you!  Happy Father's Day! 

From Vince & Janice

(Javin's Parents)


Javin shared some of his grades 1-3 exam pieces along with some disney classics and pieces from Beethhoven to Burgmuller. His birthday is actually at the end of December so it was fitting to have some Christmas pieces.

The celebration ended with all the musicians accompanying Javin with vocals and instruments as the audience sang along with 'See Him Lying On A Bed Of Straw' written by Michael Perry.

Thank you to the musicians at Limbury Baptist Church and to Javin's music teacher, Tony Coaker, for accompanying Javin on the night. We are also grateful for the early investment made by Mrs. Carroll (St. Joseph's Infant), Mr. Cowling (St. Joseph's Junior) and Ryad (Luton Music School).

Since the start of high school Javin has had the pleasure of being mentored by some wonderful musicians at church such as Simon Fielding (Music director), Graeme Stewart and Guiseppe [Joe] Cappello as well as his school's music teacher Mr. Woollam and Mr. Carter the (Music director). ​

  • Javin's Birthday Party5:59


​You've all made it a very special time in the life of our family, as you celebrated with us at Javin's 'birthday' concert -- a thanksgiving celebration. 

​Thank you for helping us to send up the praises. We made it through his childhood only by God's grace. We continue to sing His praise.

We would like to thank all the relatives and friends who came to support our son at his thanksgiving concert. You've all helped us to celebrate him becoming a teenager. We couldn't have done it without your support.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GIFTS (in the time you spent with him on the day, the gifts and cards you've sent for him and your words of encouragement). WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

Thank You Family!