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Click on the link above to find a link to your country; Watch a video on Marriage Week from its founder Richard Kane and read about the history of National Marriage Week.

UK History on National Marriage Week 

See also link below on National Marriage Week International.

​​​Each year we take time out of our busy schedules to celebrate marriages for an entire week. This time of celebration is recognised as 'National Marriage Week' across the US and here in the UK. It is not yet widely recognised across the world but through the efforts of Marriage Week International this is changing. We believe in the sanctity of marriage and so we have embraced the idea of learning and growing, adding value to our relationship and sharing tips on how we can maintain a healthy marriage. This week of celebration begins on the 7th day and ends on the 14th day of February each year.

We wanted to share this wonderful experience with others but to do that we needed the support of others who believed in the growth and maintenance of healthy marriages. Since 2006 we recognised the need for investing in our marriage and that led us to BeOfMe. From there we embarked on a full scale research project which found us sharing our findings with others. We began sharing here on W2S then we extended the sharing to couples in our community and the churches we are affiliated with. In our sharing, we find that it is the little suggestions that makes a big difference sometimes.

We are grateful to the church leaders who have embraced the idea and took time out to honour the couples in their churches and community. >>>More

We started this ministry by sharing from our own collection of videos and DVDs with friends and relatives as well as through movie reviews.

We had a desire to hold public viewings of movies via our church or other community forums but hadn't been able to bring this to fruition so we simply placed it on the backburner.

We were very excited when we became connected with this young couple through Explorer's Kids Club (a Friday session our son attended as a child). Their enthusiasm was infectious and we decided to work with them to bring the movie night to fruition. 

Many thanks to the Rev. Stan & Paula Boelman for their counsel over the years. It played a vital role in us making that bold move in taking what was a private 'couple-2-couple' occasion and present it to the wider community. The movie night, brought couples from within the community together. So we'd like to use this opportunity to say a special thank you to the Boelmans and their congregation for supported the cause in allowing us to use their evening service slot to engage with married couples within their fellowship and the extended community.

We are also grateful for the wisdom they passed on to other couples within the community, through that event. It was a very successful event which we would like to repeat. 

​​~Vince & Janice Ramkissoon


Thank Yous

In 2015 we teamed up with a young couple, Claire and Richard Brown, who had been recently married. They showed great interest in learning about marriage and they had a passion for sharing the gospel through movies. 

That is also a passion of ours and our interest in sharing marriage pieces had predominantly been via this forum.