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​​​​Each year we take time out of our busy schedules to celebrate marriages for an entire week. This time of celebration is recognised as 'National Marriage Week' across the US and here in the UK. It is not yet widely recognised across the world but through the efforts of Marriage Week International this is changing. 

In 2006 we made the decision to seek guidance on how to maintain our marriage. Many external issues had affected the health of our marriage and it began to unravel at the seams. 

Click on the link above to find a link to your country; Watch a video on Marriage Week from its founder Richard Kane and read about the history of National Marriage Week.


Many thanks to the Rev. David & Mrs. Beth Fleming of Limbury Baptist church, for embracing the idea and holding a couples night at our church in February 2014. Thank you to Beth for the lovely table decoration and the baking of cakes for the 'tea and cake' offering to our couples evening.

In 2015 we teamed up with a young couple, Claire and Richard Brown, who had been recently married. They showed great interest in learning about marriage and they had a passion for sharing the gospel through movies. 

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UK History on National Marriage Week 

See also link below on National Marriage Week International.

Picture taken by the late Brenda Reynolds

We believe in the sanctity of marriage and so we have embraced the idea of learning and growing, adding value to our relationship and sharing tips on how we can maintain a healthy marriage. This week of celebration begins on the 7th day and ends on the 14th day of February each year.​

We wanted to share this wonderful experience with others but to do that we needed the support of others who believed in the growth and maintenance of healthy marriages. Since 2006 we recognised the need for investing in our marriage and that led us to BEofMe. From there we embarked on a full scale research project which found us sharing our findings with others. We began sharing here on W2S then we extended the sharing to couples in our community and the churches we are affiliated with. In our sharing, we often find that it is the little ideas/suggestions that makes a big difference. 

In 1985, a seed was planted by the Rev. Clinton Chisholm of the Sligoville Baptist church (JA). That seed was ignited whilst members at the Olivet Deptford Baptist church (London) when we were involved in the setting up of a couples ministry. Being involved in that ministry and experiencing the bond between the Rev. Geoffrey and Mrs. Brenda Rumble, that seed began to grow. However, it was after our Marriage Encounter Weekend in 2006 that we recognised the importance of marriage maintenance and wanted to share our experience to enhance other marriages.

We are grateful to the church leaders who have embraced the ideas/suggestions made and took time out to honour the couples in their churches and community. Many thanks to the Rev. David & Mrs. Beth Fleming of Limbury Baptist church, the Rev. Stan & Mrs. Paula Boelman of Fellowship Baptist church for watering the seed that was planted in our hearts. Their encouragement has helped us to keep moving forward with this ministry.

Thank you to all who assisted us in bringing those ideas to life. (See more details below). We are assured that God's word will not return to Him void (Isa. 55:11) so we know that He will allow the seeds that have been planted and watered in the hearts of each couple, who attended those events, to grow and flourish. As our marriages are strengthened, our homes will be transformed and our relationships improved. The benefit will then be seen in our churches, communities and society at large. Thank you!

It was a gradual process of decay which began in the early years, but we weren't aware of what was happening. We prayed for guidance and whilst searching online, were directed to various resources including recommended books and DVDs. 

We desperately needed guidance and we found it through the Baptist Expression of Marriage Encounter (BEofMe). ​Once on their website we learned that we could take a weekend break that was already paid for. We were asked to make a deposit of £20 to guarantee our place on the weekend. Since finance was one of the reasons our marriage began to deteriorate this would be our gift to each other for our 6th wedding anniversary. What an investment that £20 have been! 

In this note we would like to say thank you to the BEofMe team who served us and the other couples on the weekend of 10-12 March 2006. A special thank you to the Rev. Cliff & Gail Dunn (formerly at Stanton Road Baptist church) for committing to pray for us over that weekend and for taking time out to come and meet us at the end of the session. That weekend at the Blakemore Hotel, Hitchin, was the start of this journey of learning and sharing tips on how to communicate better with each other--understanding the importance of marriage maintenance.

A special thank you to the lead couples Bill and Brenda Reynolds who mentored us over the weekend, officiated our renewal of vows at the end of the weekend, allowing us to share our anniversary cake with the team and for sending us the above picture as a memento of the weekend.

​​​~Vince & Janice Ramkissoon



Marriage Encounter Weekend 2006|BEOFME




We would also like to thank the Rev. Elroy and Diane Patrick for embracing the idea of a marriage event and organising a marriage seminar which we were able to obtain some very good tips to add value to our marriage. >>>Continue reading

Movie Night ~ Marriage Week 2015

​@ Fellowship Baptist Church

Quiz Night & Reaffirmation of Vows ~ Marriage Week 2014

@ Limbury Baptist Church