This Audio is of a sermon by Pete Briscoe called 'One Flesh'.  

"There’s no shortage of opinion about how to achieve a great marriage. Yet even with all the advice from popular culture, books, movies, and social media, it’s obvious that so many couples are looking in the wrong places for answers about how to not only stay married, but how to experience a deeply intimate, enriching, and mind-blowing marriage." >>>Continue Reading

The topic of homosexuality has caused devastating divisions in the Church. These divisions are evidence of the evil one in our midst, but how is the evil one dividing us? Pete defines the issue as a difference between truth and grace—some of us lean toward truth, others toward grace.

The Spirit in us is fully grace and truth, so how do we fully demonstrate both as we approach the topic of homosexuality?

Scripture:  Luke 6:37 - 6:42

'Do you find it difficult to openly discuss issues on sexual identity, discretion, and morality from God's point of view? It seems that to an increasing degree the culture would prefer Christians remain silent on the topic of sex and instead embrace all variations of sexuality... promiscuity, sex before marriage, sex with others while married, and sex with the same sex. 

God created us to be sexual beings. But He has a plan for our sexuality—a beautiful blueprint that will allow for us to experience sex in its fullness. Is it possible for us to share God's truth with a culture that has moved beyond how God defines us personally and sexually?

Sexual issues are not going to fade away and many people are struggling in this area of their lives. In this series, Pete, Stuart, and Jill talk openly on the subject of sex and how to address issues with truth and love according to God's design.' >>> Continue Reading

Video of Pete Briscoe | Sermon title: Surrendered to Initimacy

there are resources available to help us grow in our marriages, but we don't always know where to find them.

We are always on the hunt for great resources and once we find them we are committed to sharing them with you.

Below are some of the marriage resources we've come across that we thought were worth sharing. 

~Vince & Janice

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The Briscoes have some biblically sound teaching on the topic of Marriage which can help both singles preparing for marriage such as 'Sexual by Design' and married couples alike.

In this section we would like to encourage you to visit their website, Telling The Truth [dot] org and take a look at the wealth of resources available to help you grow in your marriage.  Marriage Resources  

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