​'Shepherding the Emotionally Destructive Marriage Webinar' 

There are some tips in this video that may help you deal with the issue if you are a church or ministry group leader. Although it is no secret that these issues are in our homes, churches and communities, often they are left unattended and eventually lead to divorce. If we can obtain the relevant tools to help those who are in need of such help, then we (the body of Christ) can be that light shining into the dark areas of our society. 




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7-14 February 

In one of our public events we interviewed Stan and Paula Boelman. Stan is the pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Luton, Bedfordshire. Paula is a high school teacher who supports her husband in ministry. She is fantastic with children and is a brilliant Pianist. We chose Stan and Paula as they were celebrating their 40th year of marriage. 

We gained a wealth of knowledge through that interview and the feedback is that other couples who attended gained just as much. Since that event, one of those couples got married and two of those couples have now started a family. This section of the site was inspired by that event, based on the wisdom passed on by Stan and Paula. Our prayer is that it will provide valuable information for couples and families. 

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Marriage was designed by God and is the first institution. Therefore, it is our first ministry (to those of us who are married) and as well as being able to obtain the help needed when we need it, we should also be in a position to provide that help to those who are in need. A breakdown in our marriages will effectively have a domino effect on other relationships.  It will affect our parenting and most definitely our effectiveness in the various ministries we are involved in outside our homes.




For an entire week, each year, we take time out of our busy schedules to do something special in celebration of marriages. We do this during National Marriage Week (7 - 14 February) each year. We would like to use this space to share some of what we do throughout this week each year and what we have learned about leadership in marriage.

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, just as you are progressing spiritually" (3 John 2, NIV).

'The Emotionally Destructive Marriage Webinar'

The issue of emotionally destructive marriages is in our homes, churches and communities. This video may help you if you believe you are in an emotionally destructive marriage or if you are a church leader facing these issues in your fellowship but simply do not know how to respond.  You may also relate to this form of destructive pattern in other relationships and can get tips on how to deal with the issue. Unhealthy relationships can contribute to unhealthy minds and bodies. 


One of our younger cousins recently got married. Although we weren't present at the wedding we felt very much a part of the celebration viewing pictures the rest of the family had taken. Our thanks goes out to our cousins: Garfield, Dablon, Kamilah and Khadine for sharing their memories of that special day. You all inspired this 'congratulatory' section of the site.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Solomon Kelly! Welcome to married life!