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Marriage Week 2017 (7-14 Feb). Get ideas on how to spend your week from Marriage Week UK.

​The videos and articles we share are to help each married couple recognise that they are not alone and that help is available. Maintaining our marriages directly impacts our parenting and is therefore an investment into the lives of our children. May you find something to encourage, motivate and inspire you. Be blessed and be a blessing to others.  >>>Marriage Advice

Our articles and videos are aimed at helping maintain marriages. Please share with the married couples who are connected to you. Through our sharing we can grow in our marriages and help others within our circle to grow in their marriages also.

Here at W2S, we believe that each marriage will go through difficulties from time to time but we also believe that if we go through the challenges together we will also reap the rewards together. ​

W2S would like to thank Jody Goode and Paula & Stan Boelman for contributing to Marriage Week 2017.  We are grateful for the articles you contributed and we look forward to your contributions for 2018.

We've found some great teachings on Marriage that we'd like to share with you. The latest addition is provided by the Briscoes and includes 'Secrets to a successful marriage' and 'Sexually by Design'. These latest material can be accessed via the Marriage Resources page.