Jody R Goode

W2S is celebrating its 10th anniversary by featuring ten different writers over the coming year. Written works are a reflection of the Master’s heart, with leadership in mind. In this update, our featured writer is Jody Goode.

Like our previously featured writer, Jody and her husband, of 33 years, Bruce, have also been blessed with two children (a son and a daughter). Read samples of Jody's articles and poems, to encourage, motivate and inspire you.

You can find out more about the heart behind these articles by visiting Jody's Faithwriter's page as well as  her website:Evangelical Poetry


By Jody R Goode

I took eternity to dream about you
forming every intricate and wondrous detail
before My Hand was ever lifted
to weave you in your mother's womb

As I do with all My beloved
I touched you with special parts of Myself
to bring to your being a most unique creation
With precise and utter care, "you" I joyfully fashioned

To see you as I do, you must set down your mirror
Gazing deeply into My Eyes,
there you'll find the image of perfection
I have created at your inner core

I counted your every day
and have been with you always
in keeping with My oath
to stay at your side every step of the way

So when you think you are alone
tell yourself it is not so
I am forever there with you;
you needn't spend another moment on your own

Even in your deepest sleep,
My Eyes have never strayed
As your nightwatch protector,
your soul I will forever keep

I know your thoughts before they ever cross your mind
I know your words before they ever leave your tongue
I know your ways - when you sit and when you rise
I know you - for I enclose you before and behind

I can tell you everything you wish to know
about life and love for I am the source of both
If you will come and spend those fearful moments with Me
I promise to supply all you need to grow

Biblical Chaser ... Psalm 139 ~ Psalm 121