Playing Catch

13th June 2007

Javin, my 4 year old son, and I were playing with a tennis ball and it reminded me of how the blessings we receive works.  The stunt I did which brought this to mind, I cannot repeat.  I made several attempts to repeat this process but nothing happened.  I had one tennis ball, I was throwing it to Javin but he was looking away, so I quickly caught it with the other hand and I kept repeating that process until I had Javin’s full attention again.  We then started to play catch again.  >>>Please follow the link to your right to continue reading

A Step-Child Advises Step-Fathers

29th August 2017

Gerrit Bantjets, a Care for the Family speaker, wrote an article called, ‘Do you love him as your own?’ with the sub-title, ‘The reality of being a step-dad’. In the article, the author shared five tips ‘about bringing up step-children:

1. Be patient
2. Respect their other biological parent
3. Agree with your partner
4. Treat them as your own
5. Create new family traditions

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