I know not what to call you,
Though I refer to you as Dad.
My heart urges to love you,
But my emotions for you are blank.

Reserved in my heart a special place -
Just waiting for you to claim;
There lies an empty space;
Replacing happiness with pain.

I’ve spent years imagining your face,
Still more years running without a cheer.
Now it pours, leaving traces on my face,
You’re still not here to dry my tears.

My child’s given me a new lease of life,
My true friends God has revealed;
I dance with the love of my life,
But the love of my dad is still concealed.

Now slowly my yearning fades -
As I learn to trust in God’s perfect plan;
Realising His love never fades,
But I still crave the love of my dad.

© 2005 Janice S Ramkissoon

I Still Crave The Love of My Dad