There was something different about Father’s Day 2016. I was actually looking forward to celebrating all the fathers in the world (whether or not they had relinquished their responsibilities). I used to dread the day as it approached each year but over the past few years I’ve been finding it less painful.

What is different?

Is it that the world is celebrating in a different way? No, the world carries on as it always has. The difference is that I now see from a different perspective.

Having gone through the process of healing, from being a fatherless child, I now want to share my story with other fathers so that those who have relinquished their parental responsibilities may become effective in their leadership, understanding the importance of being part of their children’s life. In sharing, my hope is that it will help those fathers to avoid making the same mistake that my father made.  

I know the pain of being a fatherless child and I’ve watched the destruction in the lives of other loved ones. It is a pain too deep to put into words. Consequently, it plays out in the life of a child through ways that mothers and other carers simply dismiss as rebellious behaviour. Instead of addressing the behaviour from its root, it is simply left to chance, while the destructive patterns worsen.

Please take some time to watch shawnmovie [dot] com as a contribution to this discussion on 'Fatherhood'. It may open the eyes of fathers who truly believe that they are doing the best that they can—working to provide what their children want, not realising that the time they spend with their children are actually the key ingredient to their children feeling loved and accepted.​

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