Reason Two

Reason One

Perhaps you are missing the evidence of God's nearness when in fact there is plenty of evidence around if you'll look more carefully.  For example, the close proximity of God can be seen in his on-going act of creation and sustenance. Attribute more of the good things in your life to your heavenly loving Father.

Reason Three

Perhaps you're not feeling near to God because He is desperately trying to get your attention but you're not giving Him any.  Are you seeking Him as you should? God is actually right where he's always been but you may not be giving Him the attention He deserves. If you are not seeking God regularly, if your life has become too busy to turn your eyes towards Him then you can hardly expect Him to make His presence felt strongly.  If this is the case in your life then make a decision to make time for Him again. Take time out to ponder on the greatness of God, read His Word, talk to Him and He will meet with you again in that special place because He loves to spend time with His children.

Used with permission. Excerpt from sermon by James Toone 
Copyright James Toone, 2014, all rights reserved.

Excerpt from a Sermon (part of a series our minister, the Rev. David. Fleming, is teaching on) based on our current church text, 'The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save' (Zep 3:17).

Reason Four

Not feeling close to God should perhaps be interpreted as "I don't feel God's tangible presence at the moment".  Not feeling God is not evidence that He is not with you for the Bible says we live by faith and not by sight. Times when we feel distant from God could be a great occasion to become stronger in our faith and trust in God.

Four Reasons Why God May Seem Distant

By James Toone

Unrepentant Sin.  The devil likes to send out the message that God is absent, after all he introduced the barrier of sin that kept a holy God distanced from His beloved created humanity. Though Jesus removed that barrier on the cross for all who believe in Him, still the devil can chip away at us tricking us into feeling unworthy of God's presence because of sin. It is he who makes us feel shame and defeat leading us away from God into a pit of despair which comes from estrangement from God.  But you can repent and receive Gods forgiveness for He is merciful and loving.  If you are showing no remorse and deliberately sinning, come back to God and consider once again how you must live because you won't feel His closeness if you are rebelling against His commands.