A Deceptive Spirit

The thief's purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10)

I was reading through 2 Samuel and found myself focusing on forgiveness, repentance, and reconciliation. I thought about loved ones who had to endure such violation as Tamar went through as well as others like Amnon and Absalom who either lack friends with good judgement or mentors to guide them.

Then I thought about David and how many people are lacking the humility to respond favourably to the Nathans in their lives.  David was struggling, making mistakes and yet continued to walk in his destiny—fulfilling his purpose, despite those short-comings. That is because he had the wisdom to accept the message Nathan brought, the humility to seek God, repent and be forgiven.

When I opened the Bible I wanted to make a reference to David and it took me to 2 Samuel chapter eleven (11). I was fascinated by the revelation that was taking place and wanted to make notes, but I couldn’t stop reading. I eventually stopped at chapter eighteen (18) and found that there were many different angles to focus on.

I am excited about what else God will reveal to me through these Scriptures. However, while I am being shaped in the Potter's hands and my mind is being renewed, I do hope that the notes I make and share will help you on your journey.

In the notes to follow (separate articles) are lessons learned from David, Tamar, Absalom and Amnon's experiences. I do hope that you'll find something helpful for your journey as you read through the notes. 

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You Slipped Away​

[Inspired by the loss of baby Jerome]

My precious little one, you skipped a lifetime and slipped into eternity. You slipped away.

You didn't get to experience life on earth but now I understand the purpose for which you came: You came to renew my hope before I slipped away.

Your presence brought joy. Overwhelming joy filled my heart, helping me find my way back to life. You came to help with the renewing of my faith: reminding me not to lose hope. Then you slipped away.

Through the hurt and pain I understood that God was and is always with me, working it all out--He did not leave me and will never forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). You came to remind me and I remembered before you slipped away.
God delights in His children and though you came in answer to my prayers, I still understand that He gives and He takes away (Job 1:21). From the beginning, He knew that you would have slipped away.  >>>Continue reading here

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