'Care for the Family is committed to strengthening family life and helping those who are hurting because of family difficulties. Our heart is to come alongside individuals and families in the good and the tough times, bringing hope and compassion, reminding people that they’re not alone in the challenging situations they face.' ~ Care For The Family

Two years ago Janice celebrated her 45th birthday by raising fundsfor Care for the Family. She didn't quite make the target of £450. This year we would like to repeat the process and encourage the giving that keeps on multiplying. Every home needs leadership. Each father needs a mother beside him, helping to care for their children and each child needs their parents as each parent needs each other. Let's keep giving and watch lives transform.

Thank You For Your Support

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In celebration of Marriage Week 2019: Forgiveness

Thank you for all the support you continue to provide. We appreciate your support in giving of your time at our events. See below the certificate showing the funds raised for Care for the Family as well as some of the pictures we've captured of previous events:


Looking for a family charity to support? Then please consider visiting and giving through our 'Hero Moments'  page on Care for the Family's website. Follow the various links on the website for more information on the charity.

Helping Families Thrive

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