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I am learning as I grow and W2S is a platform for sharing some of the written pieces I have shared in the past: online, through magazines, newspapers and books. 

I share my experiences to help others, now in a position where I once was, to find help moving forward, helping them to navigate their way through. Embracing Forgiveness is one platform I'm using to share my faith journey. I pray you'll find value in my sharing.

Janice S Ramkissoon
18th May 2019.

Embracing Forgiveness
Embracing Forgiveness by J. S. Ramkissoon
Embracing Forgiveness
Embracing Forgiveness

Embracing Forgiveness

Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership


Janice S Ramkissoon

My faith journey began when I was a young child. Nevertheless, the struggles of life forced me to recognise that my faith was not a name tag which tells the world that, 'I am a Christian' which can so easily find us living a 'self-righteous' existence where those around us feels condemnation from our conversations.

Nor was it a 'get-out-of-jail' card where I could live how I pleased, ignoring God's instructions set in place to protect me and avoid the consequences.

Instead, it is a 'GRACE CARD'. I am saved by grace and grace helps me to live an abundant life, through Christ who strengthens me to continue on this journey, even when I don't feel like going on. Grace helps me not to fall for the temptations that so easily trips us up; understanding that I cannot have a successful faith journey in my own strength. 

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