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Embracing Forgiveness:Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership, was written by Janice S. Ramkissoon, published in March 2014 and launched  in March 2016.  

Embracing Forgiveness is a personal, testimonial journey through the grieving and healing process; highlighting issues that are sometimes viewed as ‘too delicate’ to openly discuss, yet are often the root cause of our pain and the ineffectiveness of our leadership. It also looks at the consequences of ineffective leadership in the home, school, church, and within the community; giving advice and Scriptural references on how to overcome those consequences.

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Her publishing journey began in 2003 with a poem, 'Let Love Guide You Through,' published in 'All Things Precious' by 'Anchor Books'. ​

Her articles and poems have since been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines. In 2007 she accepted two invitations that propelled her into her role as an author. First, an invitation to join The Big Eye Newspaper as a featured writer for their Travel and In the Spirit columns as well as a regular contributor to their Poetry CornerNext, she was invited by BBC Three CountiesRadio's Gospel show presenter, Howard McCalla, to regularly review books and share some of her written pieces with the show's audience. 

Q: When did you start writing?

About Embracing Forgiveness

Janice S. Ramkissoon is the author of Embracing Forgiveness: ​Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership. 

She writes to edify and enrich the lives of others. She shares her writing via her personal website (www.write2shine.com); on social media platforms; through magazines; e-zines and newspapers. She has worked with children and young people in schools, churches and within the community.

Janice lives in England with her husband, Vincent and their son, Javin. She enjoys serving and spending time with her biological and spiritual family.

Copies can be purchased from the publisher - AuthorHouse UK, from Amazon and all online bookstores.

Your local bookshop can also order copies for you. Just use the ISBN number(s) alongside the name of the book as follows:

Title: Embracing Forgiveness
Sub-Title: Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership
Name of Author: Janice S Ramkissoon
ISBN: 978-1-4567-8942-8
ISBN: 1456789428 

Q: When did you become an Author?

About the Author

Author Q & A

I later went to a writing workshop at my youth group which started to shape my writing journey. Eventually, I gained the confidence to begin sharing my written pieces in public, encouraged by one of the leaders in my life, Brenda Rumble of Olivet Baptist church in London. 

Later, I began keeping a journal of my thoughts. Through that process I began encouraging myself through poetry and articles that developed out of a time of meditating on the words of wisdom and encouragement I received from reading the Bible.  It was at a time when I needed help as a young mother and wife and reached out to a friend who was first my Sunday school teacher, Gloria Brown-Mills. She encouraged me to speak with my then pastor's wife and the result was beautiful. I saw the love of God displayed through the women's fellowship in my church and it encouraged me to want to give back in a similar way.

After that experience, I kept remembering my Sunday school teacher's words of wisdom to 'bloom where you are planted' and somehow it propelled me into what is now a 'giving ministry' sharing through my writing and in practical ways so others can experience God's love through this vessel.

I started a journalism course just before I started university but I hadn't the time to follow through with the course (I still have a desire to complete it one day). Life happened and I still haven't been able to complete that course but I took a short summer writing course to help me put my thoughts together in a way that others could also benefit from my writing. 

I had the privilege to sing at a the European Youth Conference with members of my youth team. It was a song I wrote as a teenager. At the time I hadn't thought about the lyrics, the song or the opportunity it afforded me but as I recall the memory in answer to this question I can see how the gift God gave me was not for my benefit alone but a gift to bless the lives of others.

What I see now, looking back at that event, is the opportunity that my friends and I got to share that experience. The members of my youth team accompanied me in singing and playing instruments, including the keyboard (one of whom is now a recognised artiste in his own right). That written piece allowed us all to shake hands with the then Prime Minister, John Major, an opportunity I would not otherwise have had. 

Recalling that occasion (at the European Youth Conference event) helps to remind me that God opens doors for me to use my writing to minister to hearts; through songs, poems, articles and books. Write2Shine is my personal website used as a vehicle to transfer such healing words to the hearts of readers.  

I enjoy writing to encourage and uplift, as well as to give guidance. My prayer is that you will receive something that can add value to your life each time you read something that I have written. ​Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Stay blessed and continue to be a blessing to others.



'Embracing Forgiveness 

Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership' 


Janice S Ramkissoon

  • Author: Janice S Ramkissoon
  • Foreword by: Vincent Ramkissoon
  • Publisher AuthorHouse UK (12 Mar. 2014)
  • Paperback: 402 pages
  • ​Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-4567-8942-8
  • ISBN-10: 1456 789428
  • ​Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 2.6 x 22.9 cm
  • Genre: Non-Fiction | Family & Relationships | Adult Children | Parenting

A message to our Lutonian visitors:

Letter writing is how I developed a passion for sharing through writing. Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed writing to penpals as well as writing songs, poems, stories and plays. 

In the early 90s, while attending a Youth Group in London, My Youth Workers gave me the opportunity to contribute to the quarterly Newsletter 'The Drum'. In 2007 I began writing for a London-based Newspaper as a Travel columnist, while contributing articles to the  'In the Spirit' and 'Poetry Corner' columns, on a monthly basis. 

Q: Where can we get copies of Embracing Forgiveness? 

I began contributing to anthologies in 2003 and published a limited edition of 2005/2006 poetry journals. I was encouraged to share my story in a book so others can benefit from the advice within. In 2014, Embracing Forgiveness: Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership was published. It was launched in 2016.

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