"Debt is a silencer. It crushes people and pushes them to feel like the only way out is suicide. For John, Kim and Nick, the silence was broken by CAP. We spoke up for them when they were defeated and without hope. Their stories are an inspiring picture of God's power at work today in the UK."

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​Discovering that debt is the main contributor to the high levels of stress in the home resulting in one of the main reasons many marriages end in divorce, we decided to add debt management to the equation.We will soon be sharing some helpful resources for our readers. To our UK readers, we would like to encourage you (if you find yourself struggling financially or know of others who could benefit) to visit CAP Money for help in getting your finances under control. It may save a marriage or keep a father involved in the lives of his children.

Thank you for visiting Write2Shine (W2S). Here at W2S, words are used to encourage, motivate and inspire us to be more effective in our leadership. We are on a mission of educating the next generation of leaders.

"Debt drives people to desperation; suicide, isolation, hunger... but CAP has an answer. Four CAP clients share how their lives have been transformed since getting debt help from CAP."  ~Christians Against Poverty UK

Our aim is to promote healthy relationships in the home, hence the theme running through this website focuses on marriage and parenting. 

We pray that you'll find something to encourage, motivate and inspire you here.

***The website 'Embracing Forgiveness dot com' is now closed. ***

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Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership. 

However, from personal experience, we recognise that although helpful tips and advice are available, when we have money worries it gets in the way of us benefiting from such advice. So we want you to remove the barriers that can hinder you from benefiting from the advice and developing healthier relationships.​

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More Content Coming Soon

More Content Coming Soon