Give me words to speak
Let it be Your wisdom I seek
Dangerous and vile is my tongue
With it, curses and praises sung

Cleanse this weapon of destruction
Allow it to be used only for edification
Cleanse my soul deep within
That my tongue no longer speaks sin

Forgive me my words of the past
Put in my mouth Your Word that last
Freedom with each Word spoken
To heal and mend hearts that are broken

Guide me in what I should say
Let me be a blessing each day
Steer me from words of slander
Lead me to speak something grander

The power of life in death reside
In the words that my tongue has cried
Let me now speak only blessings
It is my heart my tongue is confessing

Give me words to speak
Allow no more poison to leak
Hold my tongue and take control
Let me speak from a clean soul

Lord, help me each and every day
Guide me to walk in Your way
Teach me to exchange my yoke for Yours
Help me to forgive, my broken heart implores

Forgive me my sins, I often beseech
Yet most times I forgo the rest that You teach
As I forgive others who trespass against me
Is not always the case when this grudge is all I see

Help me with my rebellious unbelief
Guide me to forgive those who have caused grief
Let me unburden my soul by helping me to forgive
A life reflecting You is how I want to live

Teach me, Lord, to be more like You
Following Your guiding Word all day through
To those who have hurt me, let my healing start
By giving to me, Lord, a forgiving heart 


Christian is a retired U.S. Navy Chief and is currently a student at Liberty University for a Bachelor’s of Science in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies




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