In this newspaper report (printed April 21, 2016) we are celebrating not just the gifted talents of the children in our community but also the teachers who gave up time they could have spent with their families, to work alongside these children and develop their talents. It is also a celebration of the parents who, in line with Proverbs 22:6, have recognised the gifts that God has placed in their children and encouraged them in that direction.

Vince and I are also celebrating the achievement of  Seth (the child in the centre) whom we've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We pray that he will continue to excel in all his endeavours as he moves into a new era heading to high school this year. 

​This event was covered by one of the local newspaper: "Internationally acclaimed classical pianist Juan Perez Floristan hit the right note as he hosted a masterclass at Luton Sixth Form College." You can read more via Luton News



In this article: Our local paper, 'Herald & Post' celebrates local talents.

It started with a birthday gift—a thoughtful deed by a friend. 

Next, a semi-teaching lesson as part of playtime with friends.

Then he was determined to learn the piece in its entirety so he turned to the key board a friend gave us when her daughter finished school and no longer had an interest in music.

He taught himself to play by ear. The first piece he played in public was a song he learned as part of the school choir in junior school, taught by his music teacher, Mr. Cowling.

Various links to this event:

Javin wins the 2017 Keeble Memorial Challenge Cup

for 19th Century Piano | Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech & Drama 


We recognised his passion and began seeking advice. He started lessons at Greenbank Music Village and then we got him a private teacher.

He is half way through the grading system (currently working on his grade 5 theory). He has some wonderful Musicians encouraging and supporting him on this journey. We are indeed grateful for such support as we are amateurs in this field. Thankful for the provision of our heavenly Father—He has given the gift and provided the support needed, while opening doors of opportunities that Javin has been walking through and enjoying the journey.

We are rejoicing with him, celebrating his achievements:

The latest achievement on this journey is being put forward for the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. He enjoyed practising the piece since January and we enjoyed listening to him play each day. He was dedicated to practicing all the pieces he had to do at school as part of his music lessons, Orchestra and Assemblies. It provides a form of relaxation also, breaking up chores and homework—all-round fun with music in the house.

He was awarded the Keeble Memorial Cup for 19th Century Piano - Grade 6-7, playing Nocturne in Bb by John Field.

Our son was in the lead role of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing, part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. His school's performance was at the Luton Library Theatre in November 2013.  It was a wonderful opportunity to see him and the other children using their creative skills as they develop their confidence.  Read more about this event here.

Every year SSF takes over 1000 teachers and 35000 pupils from schools across the country on a thrilling and aspirational journey, culminating in a performance of Shakespeare’s work in the Autumn term. Join the 700 schools already registered and celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare by visiting our website:"

Source: SSF Youtube page


See video link below for more details about the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

Javin was one of 30 children who had the opportunity to share with Juan Pérez Floristán at a 'Piano Masterclass' in January 2017 at the Luton Sixth Form. This took place a day after his Wigmore Hall performance. It was a wonderful experience for many musically talented children in some of the Luton borough schools.

This section was inspired by our son, Javin, who has blessed us and those we are connected to with the many gifts that he has been given. He has taught us the value of Romans 12:15 'Rejoice with those who rejoice...' Many thanks to all who have helped to support us on this journey.  

Drama Teachers: 

Would you like to develop your children's confidence? Visit the Shakespeare School's Festival (SSF) site or click on the video to find out more.

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