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Why Christians Are Pushy

Imagine that we were both born in the same world in which suffering is all we have ever known. Hunger and thirst are just part of a day. Having been born in this dark and dismal environment and not knowing anything better, all the pain and suffering associated with this life would be considered nothing but part of life. To which we become content with our station. So it would not be considered neither good nor bad, just existence. Without contrast between bad and good how can something be bad or good? 

Continuing on in this thought, a Christian is one who was born in this same world alongside you. However, the Christian was informed of a rescuer, then asked to be and was rescued. Upon being saved from that environment, the Christian is shown a world outside of pain and suffering or of hunger and thirst. The Christian now sees the contrasts that did not exist in the other environment and now have a frame of reference between good and bad, peace and suffering, hunger and fulfillment. Having been rescued, by grace not of themselves, the Christians see the environment in which they, that are friends, family, and loved ones, are still trapped. How then can a Christian consider himself/herself a family member, friend or a loved one to those suffering in their ignorance (lack of information outside their environment) without desiring to share the good news of their own rescue and to attempt to rescue them? 

These rescued members, now knowing a much better environment, ask this Hero to return for and save those left behind in the mire of suffering. But in order for the Hero to save these people they must first know they can be rescued, acknowledge that only the Hero can rescue them, and ask the Hero (for he cannot force a rescue without consent) to rescue them. What option is left to those already saved from the suffering? They, with all diligence and love, must turn back to that world of suffering to share the good news of the Hero with all hope that those still trapped in the world of suffering will be rescued.

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“I don’t want to hear about your religion because the church is full of hypocrites...” is an often used defense against Christian evangelism. It is a difficult defense to overcome on the surface because there is truth in the statement. There are indeed hypocrites in church. There are also adulterers, porn addicts, drunks, prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals, speeders, thieves, and just about every other flawed human being. Some have accepted Christ and have been forgiven of these behaviors are now changed (or changing) and others seeking to be saved from that life. But this argument is invalid because that is the entire point of Grace (forgiveness of sin through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ). We are all human and we all have sinned. It is a factual and simple statement repeated in Bible on several occasions.

It is my experience that every person is, in fact, a human being and has at one point in their lives been a hypocrite. I admit some to a greater degree than others, but hypocrisy is hypocrisy. So it must be asked, where is the line drawn for the tolerance of hypocrisy? It must be drawn somewhere as all people are hypocrites, yet we eat the food they serve, we listen to the information they tell, enjoy the entertainment they provide. Do we not buy from and sell to persons of hypocrisy? If every person is a human being, thus being a hypocrite, then by default we have and continue to interact with them. Even if a person isolates himself or herself from all other people they are still in the company of a hypocrite. Again, where is the line drawn on the tolerance of hypocrisy? The excuse of hypocrisy when laid open is a flawed logic. 

Imagine that you are on a cruise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. When the cruise is struck with tragedy and the ship sinks. That beautiful ocean, which is used for sports, fishing, diving, swimming, and other fun filled leisure activities has now become something else. This once friendly ocean is now the potential for drowning, shark attack, and all kinds of other danger. It has become death.

Fortunately, the ship is equipped with lifeboats in case of such an emergency. The lifeboats are in the water and readily available. However, each lifeboat is guaranteed to have at least one hypocrite on-board. So what are the options available? Hold fast to the excuse of hypocrisy or accept salvation by entering a lifeboat? The hypocrite in the lifeboat is begging for you to be rescued. It is the only means to be pulled from the dangerous waters and potential death, but you must accept that your rescue will coincide with the rescue of hypocrites.

Yet the lifeboat illustration does not do it justice. These lifeboats are not hypocritical; it is an inanimate object that is used to save hypocrites. As for Christians, Christ is the only perfection in the church. By definition a perfect person could not be a hypocrite. He is also the only means of salvation, a lifeboat if you will. A Christian is nothing more than a hypocrite that reached out to the lifeboat and was saved from death. Having been saved and securely in the lifeboat, they are now reaching out for those still in danger. 





Christian is a retired U.S. Navy Chief and is currently a student at Liberty University for a Bachelor’s of Science in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies