It was a parenting session run by one of the deacons[i] in 2007. Since then, my family and I have greatly benefited from the courses, seminars and other resources they provide and we simply wanted to share that good news with others who could benefit also from those services or share with the people they are connected to.

[i] Jane Browne

Dear Friends,

I am lost for words to describe the way I feel about your generosity as I celebrated my 45th birthday. My heart is overwhelmed, seeing how you responded to the call to love the least of the least among you. Thank you for sharing your finances to help struggling and bereaved families through my chosen charity Care for the Family. You have helped me to do something about the things that breaks my heart and through your efforts we have helped more struggling families to survive.

Thank you for taking the time to come out and share with me on the 5th of August 2017. Looking back on the past 45 years of not celebrating my life made me realise that I hadn't quite understood the meaning of 'giving praise' nor did I understood what it meant to honour mother and father. It brought me to the conclusion that regardless of who could or could not make it, I would still spend time in the house of the Lord, giving Him His due praise. 

I was able to remind myself during times of sadness, that the garment of praise is given to us for the spirit of heaviness.  Therefore, I chose to celebrate my 45th birthday regardless of the obstacles that were usually presented and were still evident as I planned this event.

This update is therefore, a reminder that the Word of God is life. It is the truth that will set us free and I choose to be free. I continue to choose freedom. It is a daily task. I am free from the chains that held me bound. I now have a better understanding of what it means when I read Romans 8:28 which says, 'And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.' As I grow in understanding, more chains are being loosed, and I am experiencing a greater sense of freedom to walk in God's purpose for my life. 

I appreciate all your prayers, words of encouragement, and every penny donated to Care for the Family in helping bereaved families. 

Thank you for your sacrificial giving. You'll never know the blessings imparted on the lives you've touched. I am one of those lives you've touched and your kindness will always be remembered.

Love & Blessings!

Janice S Ramkissoon

Thank You And Feedback From Janice

12th October 2017

By Revd. Clinton Chisholm and Paula Richards

8th January 2018

Article 2

Title: Youth Discipleship
Subtitle:Six Lessons From Change To Charge

Author: Clinton Chisholm with Paula Richards
Genre: Non-fiction: Childcare, Social Issues
Publisher: Lydia Nicole Graphic Design
ISBN: 978-976-8246-94-3
Pages: 36

Price:  $5.00 

Available From: The Chisholm Source Store
Reviewer: Janice S Ramkissoon 

Why 45 Days

Thank You For Caring for the Family

“Very good. Very informative. It gave real life situations and the characters were easy to relate to. The issues...problems...points raised were relevant to modern day scenarios and provided practical and achievable solutions. I don’t have a favourite as I liked all of them. However, I strongly think that ‘Lesson four: The Compass’ was most helpful to me as it helped me to know my priorities and set them straight. I would definitely recommend it to others and would rate it 10 out of 10.” — Javin Ramkissoon (14 years)

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Vince and Javin for helping me bring it all together (including wearing the promotional T-shirts to help promote the charity on the day). 

A big thank you to the Rev. David Fleming for welcoming guests who attended the event, for his humility in responding favourably to the request of sharing the poem, ‘When I Say I Am A Christian,’ and allowing our friend,  the Revd. Stan Boelman (Fellowship Baptist) to take to the pulpit. 


"Debt drives people to desperation; suicide, isolation, hunger... but CAP has an answer. Four CAP clients share how their lives have been transformed since getting debt help from CAP."  ~Christians Against Poverty UK

Our aim is to promote healthy relationships in the home, hence the theme running through this website focuses on marriage and parenting (leadership). 

Leadership / Support

Thank you to Craig and Alan for giving them a crash course so they could operate the AV and video system on the day and for later providing a CD of the session for us. 

To Beryl (Limbury Baptist) and Sian (Care for the Family): thank you for your patience in the planning stages. It was very much appreciated. Although we had to tone down the celebration, as most people were unavailable during that period, I do intend to work alongside the Praise leaders at a later date to see this come to fruition. Hope to see you all at that Praise session.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Claiming Financial Freedom

Inspired By Christians Against Poverty

This would be an appropriate gift for someone who has just made the decision to follow Christ.  It is also a valuable tool for youth leaders and parents alike to help the young people in their care.

What I personally found helpful

Like our son, I found it difficult to choose a favourite part as all six lessons speaks into the reality of what our youth are facing today and is therefore, relevant and able to help the young Christian understand the importance of the Bible's instructions to their daily lives. For example, I shared Lesson Three: The Challenge with one of the young people seeking our guidance, shortly after receiving the book. The young person had confessed the struggle they were having and that was the chapter I thought would best help. It helped that young person to make better choices. It proved quite helpful to that young person who later shared their overcoming story of being able to access the way of escape made for them (according to 1 Corinthians 10:13) and today they have a testimony of the Bible as a life-giving source. That is why I chose to highlight this part of the book. 

Excerpt from Lesson Four: "Something is happening to you and you don't quite know how to deal with it. Yes, you are saved and you are serving the Lord, but you are always tempted to go back doing the sinful things you did before you were saved...It is a real struggle and you do not know how to handle it. You thought that when you became a Christian, you would not be confronted with your past sins, but you quickly realize this is not the case. And what is even worse, the temptation to sin now seems even stronger than it was before you were saved. Why is that?...there is a war going on in your soul...Let's take a peek into Omar's life as he struggles with temptations. Perhaps how he handles his struggle will help you learn better how to handle your temptations."

In closing, I would like to encourage you with the words of the Rev. Dr. Clinton Chisholm taken from  Lesson 3 Reflection on page 18: "Temptation is nothing to be afraid of. No matter how young or old you are as a Christian, one thing is sure, you will always face temptation; you will always face the pull toward that which is sinful or inappropriate...Sometimes you may feel in the midst of your temptation as if God has abandoned you to the wiles of the devil to fend for yourself, but the scripture in 1 Corinthians 10:13 assures you that He does not. Be very honest with yourself about your known weak areas and commit them to God in constant prayer. Never, ever, pretend to be stronger than you really are and therefore tempt fate and mess up yourself. Avoid every situation or circumstance that you know could possibly lead you to sin. Commit 1 Corinthians 10:13 to memory and know that there is a power that restrains because your Heavenly Father has scaled down the temptation, and there is a providence that rescues - God has built into every temptation that He allows your way, an escape route."

Our teenage son is also a five year old 'babe in Christ' so we were delighted to receive the gift of Youth Discipleship - Six Lessons From Change to Charge. It's colourful and attractive cover, along with the artwork accompanying each lesson, was the engaging aspect which made him curious enough to flick through the pages. He then wanted to know what the story was behind the characters. When we started reading, the role-play captured him (he loves drama so role play is one of the best ways to get him reading). He was hooked.

Youth Discipleship is educative, informative and engaging. In our family, we are at different levels of our faith journey. Nevertheless, we all benefited from reading Youth Discipleship. 

We enjoyed reading with our son and discussing the points as part of his bedtime routine. His feedback was not just enlightening (prompting this review) but revealed more to us of the kind of struggles young people are facing in high school today. His response to the questions which included what he thought of the book and who he would recommend it to is as follows (questions omitted):

“The way it’s structured is really helpful. It’s easy to read. The main feature is the case study for each lesson followed by the reflection and question to ponder along with the relevant Scripture for that lesson. I would recommend it to teenagers and adults who are new to the faith. I found the case studies very interactive and entertaining. Although it was written for teens, I found myself really getting drawn into it as I read aloud to my son. The reflection and the question to ponder is a nice way to conclude each discussion. The scripture at the end of each ‘question to ponder’ encourages the reader and listener to read it, thereby reading the bible.” —Vincent Ramkissoon

When I Say I Am A Christian

I wanted to do something significant with the number 45, to remember my 45th birthday. I chose to fundraise for the charity over a period of 45 days (5 Aug - 18 Sep) to maximise the impact of making a difference to the lives of other struggling families. I was first introduced to the charity through Limbury Baptist church (Bedfordshire, UK).

However, from personal experience, we recognise that although helpful tips and advice are available, when we have money worries it gets in the way of us benefiting from such advice. So we want to remove the barriers that can hinder us from benefiting from the advice and developing healthier relationships.​

Discovering that debt is the main contributor to the high levels of stress in the home, resulting in one of the main reasons many marriages end in divorce, we decided to add debt management to the equation. We will soon be sharing some helpful resources for our readers. We would like to encourage you (if you find yourself struggling financially or know of others who could benefit) to visit CAP Money for help in getting your finances under control. It may save a marriage or keep a father involved in the lives of his children.

CAP Money


I was indeed grateful for the opportunity to hear the Revd. Boelman deliver the message which reminded us (parents and grandparents) of the importance of effective leadership. In that message, highlighted the point that ‘...It is easier to train up a child than to repair a broken man’. 

After reflecting on that message, it drove home the importance of having my minister present at such an event. It meant a lot to me, a fatherless child, to have had a male leader represent me on the day I chose to celebrate my 45th birthday (which so happened to have been my first birthday celebration). Thank you Mr. Fleming! We don’t always know how God will use us to be a blessing in the lives of His children. You were a blessing to me that day and I thank you for standing with me as I walk the path of healing. Thank you also for allowing me to share with the congregation, on Sunday 6th August which leads me to say, Thank you to Trudy & Simon for assisting me with the song, ‘Be Still’—(hymn 40 SOF) sung during the morning service.

Words to Engourage, Motivate & Inspire... 

Article 1

Article 3

Youth Discipleship

The celebration was a combination of a time of praise (to God for my life) and promotion for the charity ‘Care for the Family’. Thank you to all who helped me to celebrate. I really appreciated your effort (from your encouraging messages in cards to me as well as your online communications through to your presence on the day and donations received, in lieu of gifts, for Care for the Family). Your support helped to raise a total of £291.04 plus £32.50 Gift Aid. If you would like to understand my reason for choosing  to ‘celebrate and give’ to Care for the Family please visit our JustGiving page ( or see updates on here at or on my Facebook page (if you are connected to me there). 

Click on image above to purchase online from The Chisholm Source store.

Many thanks to the praise leaders who were present (Sandra, Yomi, Barry and Marion) for responding to my plea for help with the final song, ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ and to Javin and Graeme for assisting me on the piano. Thank you to Helen, Beverley, Kyra and Javin for helping me remind parents and leaders (who serve God’s little ones) that, ‘Children learn what they live’ (inspired by the poem with said title and written by Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D.)

Articles on W2S

All previous articles have been removed. 

On Saturday, 5th August 2017, I celebrated my 45th birthday with members of Limbury Baptist church and friends from two other local churches. Twenty three (23) people (including my husband and our son) joined me that morning in a time of praise and I simply wanted to use this space to say, thank you for helping me celebrate with a purpose.  

Article 4

Having had the thoughts of a young person, I wanted to reach out to leaders (parents and youth leaders in particular) so I enlisted the help of my husband. See Vince's feedback below: