This poem was penned on Father's Day 2016;
Reflecting on your parenting may be quite serene;
Joy you've experienced you probably thought you'd never feel;
As you reflect on your blessing, be reminded that parenting is a big deal;

Great responsibilities and challenges 
you probably never thought you'd face;
But Fatherhood is a privilege;
A blessing we should embrace.

​​As we celebrate Fathers Day;
I have a few words I'd like to say;
As I reminisce on my own childhood;
I ponder my experiences, some bad, some good.

Whilst growing up I would often see;
Dad reading a newspaper or watching TV;
News and sports appeared to be his joy; 
That was mainly what I remembered growing up as a boy.

One thing he taught me was how to ride a bike;
That was something that I used to like;
The transition from stabilisers to two wheels;
What an experience, ecstatic is how it made me feel. 

'Quality time' is what I'd strongly recommend;
Its a valuable resource a Father and child should spend;
Money will come and money will go;
But time well spent is precious, you'll see that child's face glow.

Losing quality time is an expensive price to pay;
Your child can be disadvantaged in so many ways;
I am praying for all fathers to pursue wisdom to lead;         
Wisdom in leadership is essential indeed.


June 2016​