Virchue and The Bow

Book Review:
Virchue and the Bow

Title: Vircheu and the Bow
Author: Eli Anderson

Illustrator: Ken McCalla
Genre: Fiction (Children Stories)
Publisher: ‘EnK’ Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-9563417-0-9
Pages: 26
Reviewer: Janice S Ramkissoon

Available From: Foyles, Centreprise, Diverse, New Beacon

Many children are growing up without the love, security and training they need to naturally make that transition into adulthood.  Through a series of children adventure stories, one parent seeks to address this issue by bridging the gap between parent and child.  Vircheu and the Bow is the first story of the series and shows the importance and role of a father in the life of a child.


‘Vircheu and the Bow’ is an educational, entertaining, and artistic piece of work.  It teaches the importance of praise and celebration in the life of a child.  It is a great story book for any story lover—ideal for the infant school teacher, for story time on the carpet; great for the professional story-teller’ and a perfect book for parents wishing to invest in their children’s future.  It incorporates the creativity of the author, Eli Anderson and the illustrator, Ken McCalla. It’s an all round winner!

The reader is introduced to Vircheu on his 7th birthday (as the ‘Grand Master Bowman’ starts the process of training; imparting his skills and knowledge to his son) then taken on a journey through to his 16th birthday.  This journey looks at the relationship between father and son as the reader shares Vircheu’s struggles, in his attempt to learn the vital skill of bending and stringing a bow.  The pictures accompanying the story shows Vircheu’s  curiosity, as a little boy; his excitement; his struggles and frustration; his discouragement, from failed attempts, through to the pride on his smiling face when finally he performed the task he was being trained for.  The pictures introduces the beauty of nature—a magnificent work of art! 

Vircheu and the Bow is an interesting read.  It held my attention to the end.  It is an entertaining and educative book for both children and adults.  It got my six-year-old son to pick up his children’s dictionary for the first time, without being prompted—that has to be a winner!  

However, it is not your average children story and some readers might be a little disappointed with the black and white pictures.  For younger children, I would suggest reading this story to them when they are more alert and can follow Vircheu on his journey.  

Vircheu and the Bow is ideal as a gift for any occasion.  It’s a great investment.  Your child will find new meaning hidden within this story, as they grow older.   I believe this book is a great investment in your child’s future. 


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