Until Death Do Us Part

Book Review:
Until Death Do Us Part

Lilieth WadeTitle: Until Death Do Us Part
Author: Lilieth Wade
Genre: Marriage/Bereavement/Christian
Publisher: PMM Group (UK) Ltd.
ISBN-13: 978-1-907188-47-3
Pages: 143
Price: £9.95
Reviewer: Janice S Ramkissoon
Available From: http://www.Liliethwade.co.uk


A widow grieves the loss of her husband, locking into the word of God for guidance.  She encourages all couples to see marriage not as a bed of rose but a relationship that takes hard work to maintain.  She dedicates the book to “Those who are married and maybe struggling in their marriage or probably making a decision to quit.”  She encourages couples to seek help “Remembering your vows and never give in to pressure.”  She also admonishes husbands, not to be stubborn but to visit the doctor when necessary, for the simple fact that wives need their husbands and children need their fathers. It comprises 143 pages and is well worth the read for all couples.

It is also a treat and a momentum for all gospel music lovers who followed the career of her husband, the late John Wade.  Chapter 1 gives his testimony and 11 provides excerpts from the Dulcie Dixon Show on BBC Radio Leicester 27th December 2009.  It will be a momentum for the members who fellowshipped with him at the various assemblies he was once a part of.  His life is a testimony of how God still works miracles today and will therefore encourage others to come to Christ. 

There are fifteen chapters starting with John Wade’s testimony—“Something worth living for” and ending with “Strength and Hope From God’s Word’. The journey from start to finish, ask questions like: ‘Is it wrong to question God?’ It then looks at, ‘True Love’; ‘A Reminder of the Brevity and uncertainty of Life’; ‘Coping with Grief’; stating why it’s ‘Not Good to be Alone’; ‘Tributes to John Wade’; and ‘Life After Death’.

My favourite part of the book has changed several times before.  I would not be surprised if it should change again.  It's that kind of book that has something in it for everyone.  Each chapter has something to offer its reader.  Currently, my favourite part of the book is chapter 8.  It is a reminder of the brevity and uncertainty of life.  I don't think I take my loved ones for granted but in reading this chapter I am reminded of how precious time is, and to make each moment that I share with them count.

I recommend this book to all grieving widows; married couples; anyone who knew John Wade, the gospel artist, and would like to read about his life; and to students on a counselling course, focusing on bereavement.  

"Until Death Do Us Part" is a very encouraging book that will motivate you to go through the process of grieving and inspire you to make the next step towards your healing.  It will also encourage married couples to enjoy each moment that they are blessed with.  It is a true story of love, faith and hope--a great gift for a friend who has lost his or her partner.  This book will help anyone grieving to begin their own journey towards healing. 

Get hold of a copy and "Discover how Lilieth found peace, comfort and strength from her Christian faith."

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