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Getting Married Abroad (1)
Getting married abroad is becoming more popular for the British Bride and Groom.  However, more couples seek after the Sunshine and the beach as part of that package, and therefore, exotic locations like the Caribbean remain highly sought after destinations.  These Islands are also highly promoted, to attract this market.  >>>More

Getting Married Abroad (2)

‘Getting Married Abroad (1)’ looked at the popularity of overseas wedding/honeymoon and where couples can get information/assistance to help make the right choice.  This part of the series looks at what couples can expect as part of these packages and some planning tips. >>>More

Getting Married Abroad (3)

You’ve considered what’s involved in having a wedding or honeymoon abroad and made the decision to pursue your dreams. 

At this point we’d like to remind you to liaise with a wedding and honeymoon specialist, to decide on the most appropriate option for you.   And while you are planning this very special event: ‘To ensure that you both enjoy the honeymoon, make all the decisions together... >>>more

Getting Married Abroad (4)

As Couples Resorts’ Chief Romance Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Randy Russell knows just how to keep you smiling way after the honeymoon is over.  He has all the tips you’ll need to make your wedding or honeymoon an unforgettable event.  Randy reads his clients love letters – how much more romantic can one get? He knows his stuff! And he goes all out to prove to his guests that Couples Resort offer the best service on the Island when it comes to romance.  >>>more

Free Child Places -- Are They Worth The Hassle?

For a family going on holiday the issue of a free child place can be very confusing.  Trying to comprehend it all can sometimes be a great strain on the brain cells.  One question I’m often asked is:

The 'VFR' Experience - Jamaican Style

"Many Jamaicans and Jamaican off-springs return home, on average, once per year to visit friends and relatives. Having spoken to many Jamaicans about travel arrangements, I find that not many explore the Island." 

This article encourages the reader to see the Island as more than just 'Sun, Sea & Sand' - appealing to 'Visiting Friends & Relatives' to explore the Island.  It highlights Places of Interest which includes family entertainment, shopping and history.

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Pre-Booking Checklist

Summer is on its way and the race is on for best prices. BE ALERT! Getting the best price doesn't always guarantee the best holiday experience. >>> continue reading this article.

Planning A Holiday This Year? 

If you have made a provisional booking, you're now at the critical stage of the booking process.  Below are seven (7) points to consider before confirming your flight or holiday...>>> continue reading this article

Last Minute Holidaymakers - Be Aware!
In today’s sales driven environment, where agents are on targets and customer service can be at its minimum, you need to be an expert to get value for your money... >>> You can view this article at Travel Roads.

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