The Unmistakable Healing

Book Review:
The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God

Title: The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God
Author: Yvonne Bleakly
Genre: Poetry & Short Stories
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-9769186-3-3
ISBN-13: 978-0976918639
Pages: 80
Reviewer: Janice S Ramkissoon

Available From: http://www.ChristianPublish.com

"Though salvation is free, once we accept Christ into our lives we are called to a life of service. Many will testify of the healing presence of God but some people still view 'healing' as being only the miracles Jesus performed 2000 years ago.

In her book, The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God, Yvonne Bleakly has been bold enough to testify that there's no mistake in this healing power and that there's healing available to all, even today..."
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