This section of the site, will feature reviews.  The purpose of this section is to help promote the work taking place in these ministries.
I hope that you will be blessed as you read, and be encouraged to make a difference; knowing that God can use you as He is using the individuals, in these reviews. God can use you to be that light piercing through the darkness, as long as you are willing to be instruments for Him.  Make a difference in your home, your community, your church, your work-place...

Each individual involved in the promoted ministries, have blessed me in some way.  And I pray that God will continue to use them for the furtherance of His Kingdom.


Title:    Until Death Do Us Part
Author: Lilieth Wade
Title:    Virchue And The Bow
Author: Eli Anderson
Illustrator: Ken McCalla
The Unmistakable Healing Presence of God
Author: Yvonne Bleakly

Title:    Knowing God

Sana Edoja


Celebrating Relationships
By J. S. Ramkissoon
June 2010

A Review of the Play:
What Black Women Want

It was Friday, 28th May 2010.  My husband and I set out for a long anticipated night-out, feeling like a couple again. We sat in the audience at the Globe Theatre, Dunstable.  The curtains went up, the stage was set, the crowd cheered as Glorious Jones walked on stage in her elegant black dress, and mesmerising voice.  Already it was worth the wait to see the play/musical ‘What Black Women Want.’  >>>Continue reading review

The Luton Gospel Community Choir is reaching for the stars!

Article By Janice S Ramkissoon
27th April 2008


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