Ministering Through Song

This section of the site is dedicated to educating the next generation of 'Praise & Worship' leaders.
   Ministering Through Songs

 Ministering Through Songs
By J. S. Ramkissoon

For many years now I have been searching the Scriptures and seeking God's direction on how to move forward with the seed He planted in me for a 'Praise and Worship' celebration. I was reminded to use what is in my hand and stay within the boundaries He has set me.  Then I remembered my Sunday school teacher telling me to bloom where I'm planted. I was later reminded of this phrase by another friend.  I am therefore using the gifts that He has given me to share the inspiration received so we can grow together.  

The lessons can be applied to all but I am extending a personal invitation to you, if you are part of the music ministry within your fellowship, especially if you lead a praise team or choir. Please re-visit this section of the site so that we can learn and grow together as we invest in the next generation of leaders.  Ministering Through Songs is currently a two part series. Part one shares my journey to this point (linking to previously published articles) and part two is dedicated to training up the next generation of Praise and Worship leaders. Be blessed and share the blessing with others. Welcome to phase 1 of this celebratory journey!

Ministering Through Songs 
Part 1 ~ Articles

      Ministering Through Songs 
   Part 2 ~ The Workshop (Phase 1)

Training up our next generation of Praise and Worship leaders
Mind, Body & soul

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Let us join our hearts together and keep praise alive as we minister through songs. Be blessed!

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