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There has been a surge of world ideology in some church leadership. The time has come to remove the contamination and return to the principles of the bible.   
God is calling us to accountability and we the 'sheep' long to see all our leaders teaching and leading with the authority given by God.  We were created for HIS pleasure so everything that we do MUST be in HIS WILL and not our own.  Many are still striving to walk in His will but many others have lost their first love and as a result, the rest of the body suffers.
I pray that the points raised in the series of articles under 'Time to clean-up My Father's House' and 'Season's Change' will help us to stay focused on the things of Christ and grow in His knowledge.  
May these articles be a reminder of how fragile we are, in our own strength and find us returning to the 'Potters' House' for regular check-ups.  God's blessings on your ministry and your life as you enter a new season in your walk with Christ.
Jeremiah 18:2 -
"Arise and go down to the potter's house, and there I will cause you to hear My Words."
Current Series:

Time to Clean-up My Father's House This series of leadership articles looks at the loss of our first love and aims to bring us back on track with simple check points.  This is a three part series:
Part 1: 
Part 2: 'True Disciples'
Part 3: 'The Road Back to Christ'.

Season's Change looks at the various seasons of our journey and helps us to understand the process it takes, to move from one season to another, in order to reap the harvest. 

Part 1: 
'Death & Re-Birth' 
Part 2: 'Tearing Down & Rebuilding'
Part 3:  Grieving and Healing
Part 4: 'Spring Cleaning'
Part 5: Hearing God's Voice
Part 6: Love and Its Rival
Part 7: Conclusion

Why Is Sex A Taboo Subject in the Church?

Snap Attack - Anger Rages
This article looks at how the outbursts of anger can affect the growth of the church.  It is broken down into bitesize chunks in the following order:

The Fire Rages;
Outbursts of Anger;
The Plan Fulfilled;
Continue to Grow;
The Damage Caused by Angry Outbursts; and
Forgive and be Forgiven.

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