Review of Event:    
Luton Gospel Community Choir's 5th Annual Concert

The Luton Gospel Community Choir is reaching for the stars!


By Janice S Ramkissoon
27th April 2008


The event that found Roger Ryan, the famous musician and producer, flying into the UK from Nashville Tennessee, took place in our little town right here in Luton.  It was the most talked about event – Gospel Music Week 2007 and now it is about to be preserved through ‘DVD’ format, so that future generations can be part of the experience. 


Strolling through the shopping centre, my family and I approached a stall where three young ladies were promoting the Luton Gospel Community Choir (LGCC) for Gospel Music Week 2007.  The ladies were doing their part in sharing the gospel and they were having fun evident by their smiling faces, as they promoted this event.  I had a chat with the ladies and picked up a few leaflet for my church. 


I went along to the first night of the week long event and saw a couple of the ladies, still beaming with smiles, as they catered for the needs of the attendees.  The project started as a “resource for the youth; an avenue to share their faith while developing their skills”.  Five years on and with the injection of funds from a grant, the LGCC has developed into a major community project.  In 2007, they were able to put on one of their biggest ever event, providing the community with a week long program which brought singers, musicians and producers together for a music production workshop.


The week’s event was facilitated by the famous musician and producer from Nashville Tennessee, Roger Ryan.  Roger is by far the most humble and approachable producer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I’m sure that Yolanda Adams, Shirley Caesar, Take 6 and anyone else, who has ever worked with this gifted man, will agree with me.  Roger also sings, which is a bonus to anyone who works with him.  He is passionate about his work and though famous, he’s quite down-to-earth—a real people’s person, which helped greatly in the success of this project.


With the funds secured by ‘ITV’s Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway’ and the combined efforts of Roger Ryan and LGCC, we now have the LGCC’ very own DVD to look forward to.  The release date is still to be advised but tipped to be available mid 2008.  So if you missed the big event, you’ll have the opportunity to see it on DVD while supporting a worthy cause.  You can also have a sneak preview of this event via the BBC Look East’s report .


The choir provides “An opportunity for youth to develop their musical talents while bringing people together…” Any young person, being part of this choir, will take away a piece of advice such as: “You have potential! You have a skill you can develop.” This is a project where one can see the evidence and benefits of mentoring our youth.  The Choir is sharing the Good News of the Gospel and providing direction for our young men and women and so should we.  The youth are our future and if we do not invest in them now then our future is looking bleak.  Please visit the LGCC’ website at www.lutongospel.com for more details.  Be part of ‘a community with one voice’. 

© 2008 J. S. Ramkissoon

*Quotes from Gail Windrass (PR) also a founding member of the LGCC




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