Pressing toward the goal:
"Working towards that day when I will finally be all that Christ Jesus saved me for and wants me to be."
Philippians 4:12 (NLT)

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There are many changes taking place at the moment. Some are in answer to prayers while others are truly testing our faith and calling us to stand strong. Please continue to pray our strength. 

Website Changes:
The changes taking place with the website includes the removal of the blog which is being discontinued by the service provider. I do have the opportunity to transfer the current articles to 'Word Press'. However, I also have the blog via the website dedicated to 'Embracing Forgiveness', which I haven't yet started to utilise. I am inclined to discontinue the blog on 'Write2shine' and begin utilising the one via
www.embracingforgiveness.com. I will update you on the final decision.

I am also experiencing some technical glitches and have had to remove the recent articles posted on 'Janice Writes'. I am currently working on correcting the error. In the meantime, here are the two latest articles on 'Janice Writes':

Overwhelming Gratitude Part 1|Posted April 22, 2014
My husband and I have had many more reasons to be thankful since the start of the year 2014. I am overwhelmed. In February we had an opportunity to reaffirm our vows, alongside other couples from our church, as part of National Marriage Week. It was a fitting start to our 14th year anniversary... [More]


Overwhelming Gratitude Part 2|Posted April 22, 2014
In the month of March we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Being married for 14 years we have experienced many changes. There have been various types of changes some that came to improve our relationship and others destined to destroy... [More]

Reflections on Motherhood Part 1| Posted 25th April 2014
March is the month in which we celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ in the UK. This year it has been, as it has always been, a bitter-sweet time of celebration for me. Nevertheless, I found it more bearable this year and did not stay away from the service on ‘Mothering Sunday’ as I would often do in the past. I saw that as a sign of healing taking place--one of my many victories. [More]

Reflections on Motherhood Part 2| Posted 25th April 2014
I have grown to understand the importance of giving our son time and space to share his thoughts and feelings. Therefore, we have discussion time after school and before bed.  One of the beautiful things about that is seeing him come up with ways to solve some of the problems he encounters at school such as bullying. He prays for his classmates and teachers and we have seen change in both his and the lives of the people he has been praying for. [More]

Reflections on Motherhood Part 3|Posted April 30, 2014
Our son is less dependent on me today as he was a few years ago. That changes the way I relate to him. At this stage in his life we give him more responsibilities around the house. He also has more of an input in the decision-making process for things that affect him directly and he also has to take responsibility for his actions. [More]


Reflections on Motherhood Part 4|Posted April 30, 2014
The journey continues…What a journey it has been so far!  I had a wonderful time of celebration. It motivated me to share this four part letter with you. God’s love shines through the purity of the heart of a child and it reminds us of how God wants each of His children to respond to His love. [More]

Did you get to see 'God's Not Dead'? What did you think about it? Do let us know via the contact form, if you've had a chance to see it.

God bless you and thank you for visiting W2S.

In His Service
Your sister in Christ
Janice Ramkissoon
 Updated: 30th April 2014. 


The Lord is evident in everything I see.  My hope is that through your contact with me, you'll see the Lord in me. 

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