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What makes a young person leave church in teens...?

 I am not a teen, but have strong feelings on why they leave.  I believe that:  Just for the sake of it and tradition must stop... the church does not go enough out of their way to support young persons and make them feel valued....” AtkinsM

 After what happened in Virginia a few days ago I think this is an area the church need to take more seriously.” Speakeasy

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Is there a need for a youth group within the church?

“My experience with the youth both within and outside of a church setting has brought me to the conclusion that there is a need for a youth setting of some form in every church. This is where their understanding of God develops. However, this doesn’t have to be in a .....” Janice

  “A Youth Group within the church is a necessity as the youth are our future. Not only is it an opportunity to witness to them on their level, but it is an opportunity to get them involved ......”  The Encourager.

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You are God's Beloved Child, so if you have messed up, He wants you to get back on track without delay.

Below are some of the ways you can get involved in this ministry:

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'Shout Out Loud' -- focusing on bridging the gap between the youth and the church as well as Marriage and Parenting.  This section serves as a source of encouragement and education. We would love to have your input through advice and your views as a youth, youth leader or as parent(s)/Guardian(s).

Please visit the discussion board and share your views with us.  Comments can be added to the 
youth or marriage and parenting section of the discussion forum or sent to us via our contact form.       

Discussion board where you can add your comments (see preview to the right of this page).  You will be helping someone else to increase in their knowledge of Christ and experience spiritual growth.  This is the year to increase our shine for Christ. NEW - Sharing section added to the board 13-Feb-08.

Free to Reprint articles -- You can use these articles for personal growth and to help your ministry to grow.  Share with a friend and help to lift their spirits.

Contact Us with your feedback on the general appearance of the site as well as the posted articles.  We would like the site to continue to improve so everyone that visits, can benefit in some way.   

Events (undergoing updates) -- Tell us about your church events or other local gospel events that could benefit others.  We will post them on our events page as our way of helping to spread the Good News.

Sharing a thought -- Lesson Learned at Sunday School


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We are currently working on marketing and promotional events. As this progresses we will let you know how you can contribute to this ministry.

Thank you for your continued support with articles and poems for the site.  Let us continue to pray for the work of this ministry and look forward to Write2Shine doing great things for the Lord.

God bless!
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