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...providing 'The Word 4 Today', devotional material for your daily growth.  I was introduced to this devotional at the Olivet Deptford Baptist Church and I'm now recommending it to you. 

Shout Out Loud Discussion Forum
Get interactive with Write 2 Shine and share your views with us.  We'd love to hear from you.

Janice's Faithwriter's page
A brief bio...

RBC Ministries
This was my introduction to daily devotions.  I received my first copy as a child in the early 1980s, from the Sligoville Baptist church, and today it still serves as part of the daily intake of spiritual food for my family and I.

New Initiatives Youth & Community Association
Where I spent the last years of my youth and learnt how to integrate into society.  My home away from home when I was a stranger in London.

A community of Christian Writers.  You can find most of my articles here.  Becoming apart of the circle of writers here, gave me the opportunity to help spread the gospel.  If you love to write I recommend that you visit and see where it takes you.

All About Jamaica
The Caribbean Island, Jamaica, is where I am from.  I was born there and lived there until I was a teenager.  I love going home to the warmth and love that embraces me from the Island and its people.

Limbury Baptist Church

10:15am Normal Worship Including Children's groups 0-16 years.

Family Service every 1st Sunday in the month;

Communion every 3rd Sunday

Baptist Union of Great Britain

The following links will take you to the site of contributors and supporters of Write2Shine:

Suellen Fry-washington's website

Evangelical Poetry
Jody Goode's Website

Praise Christian News
Kathleen Angel's website

Dust on the Bible - Discontinued.
Dust on the Bible has truly been a blessing to all who visited while it was active.  Thanks to the inspiration that God gave to Thomas Kittrell.  I am a changed person (in a particular area of my life) because he saw the potential in me.
  View some of his work at Faithwriters.

Gospel Music Lyrics
Gospel Music Lyrics and more.

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