'A New Beginning' - Not Mine!

If you follow either of my columns in the Big Eye Newspaper, please note that
'A New Beginning' is not one of my articles.  It has been posted as a poetry contribution for May 2008 with my name as the author,
but this is not the case.  

Also 'Shoes in Church', published March 2007, was credited to me.  Similarly
this was not written by me.

I am highlighting it here, to you the readers, as I do not wish to take credit for something I did not write. 

On both occasions the editor was alerted and I pray that this will be the last time such an error on their path will be made.
It has come to my knowledge that two articles 'A New Beginning' and 'Shoes in Church', published by one of the newspaper that I contribute to, credits me as the author for these articles, while this is not the case.  

I understand that some errors are unavoidable but I do not wish to take credit for anything that I haven't written.  Therefore, I have created this page to highlight this point.
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