Contibutions 2 W2S

Contributions 2 W2S 
These are some of the articles & poems that spoke to me.  I hope they will reach your heart too.


 A Sermon walking by the Daily Encourager (Poem by Edgar Guest)

Making More Time By Larry Lilly

 See also contributions to Bible Knowledge By Larkland Miller.

 Please visit Christian Coutts Faith Writers page for three very timely and encouraging articles on AngerFrustration and Temptation.

 10 Steps to Life, A Guide to Overcoming the Emotional Trauma of  Miscarriage by Heather Sargent

 See Christmas Treat  Various Authors

A Smile on God's Face By Freda Douglas

"The Old Story" By Andrea Donaldson

Write Queen Wonders Why Is It? By Freda Douglas

 Christians Clothing Themselves in Love By Larkland Miller

 God's Words are Sure by Larkland Miller & Angella Smith

 A Wake Up Message
(An  introduction to Joan Lowe's articles below)

 I Fit In by Joanne Lowe 

Nobody Came by Joanne Lowe  

 Daddy’s Little Girl by Suellen Fry-Washington

  It is No longer I by Chistopher Randolph

  My Story so far by Jody R Goode

  A Full Life by Sandi Raymond

 Testimony of Thanksgiving by Stephen Ricketts                      



 What Would You Have Done? By Helen Dowd

 My Heart's New Song By Christian Coutts

 Give Me Words By Christian Coutts

I Will Never Leave Thee By Thomas Kittrell

As You Mold Me Lord  By Thomas Kittrell

Harps of Gold By Miriam Jacob

Please Don't Leave Me, Jesus By Brook Phelps

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