Building Bridges


Building Bridges




Bridging the gap between:

Marriage & Divorce

A marriage article written by Vincent & Janice Ramkissoon.
This article was written for and 1st published by the ME&YOU Newsletter, a Baptist Expression of Marriage Encounter  (BEofME) UK publication.  

Single & Frustrated?
Read on and see where God wants you to be.

 Parent & Child

The articles in this section are related to parenting and written from a child's perspective

 Church Leaders & Members
Articles written for the edification of the church. 


     Help is at hand
-caring for one another-

My Beloved Child

Hearing the cries of those seated in our church pews

Three Steps Getting Back on Track
Christ-focused medication


Youth related themes


A Road Map For Churches and Their Youth Group

7 points for leaders and members to consider

Open discussion:

Is there a need for a youth group within the church?

Why are our youth leaving the church?

What can the church do to integrate their youth...?






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