Bible Knowledge

This section of the site serves to encourage believers to spend more time in the Bible and grow spiritually.  I was encouraged to do this by some people in my life, who cares about my spiritual growth, and today this is bearing fruit in all sectors of my life.  I pray, it will do the same for you. 

Love One Another -1st John 4:7-21-
As we follow these postings, I pray that it will help us all in developing a closer walk with God, so we can all spread this love to others.  See how you measure-up when it comes to your daily walk, according to God's word.  Please discuss these points in your bible study sessions, at home or at church (in your individual groups). Feel free to share your

views with us on the discussion board.

 Four Potential Reasons Why God May Seem Distant
 Privileges in Christ Jesus  
Contagious Christians 
Spiritual Reformation
 God's Words Are Sure
 Christians clothing themselves in love

Question time with the Apostle John
Interview: Going through the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Books of John

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