Looking back through the lens of a wife and mother, after sixteen years outside that environment, I can see how ineffective leadership in the home can contribute to the negative outcome of a child's life."

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Broken Vessel, Wounded Soul was recently published in 'Let Hope Arise'. 

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"How the past affects the present and our future

Despite the obstacles that presented themselves, in the first year of our marriage, my husband and I couldn't ignore the external issues of the many drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes we would pass on the streets each day. Then there were the sounds of reveling in the apartment below us and the domestic quarrels and physical fights spilling out on the streets. We had very little sleep in those early months...


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The late columnist Mike Royko writes about a conversation he had with Slats Grobnik, a man who sold Christmas trees. Slats remembered one couple on the hunt for a Christmas tree. 

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Beauty of Unity

Slats remembered one couple on the hunt for a Christmas tree. The guy was skinny with a big Adam's apple and small chin, and she was kind of pretty. But both wore clothes from the bottom of the bin of the Salvation Army store.

After finding only trees that were too expensive, they found a Scotch pine that was okay on one side, but pretty bare on the other. Then they picked up another tree that was not much better – full on one side, scraggly on the other. She whispered something, and he asked if $3 would be okay. Slats figured both trees would not be sold, so he agreed.

A few days later Slats was walking down the street and saw a beautiful tree in the couple's apartment. It was thick and well rounded. He knocked on their door and they told him how they worked the two trees close together where the branches were thin. Then they tied the trunks together. The branches overlapped and formed a tree so thick you couldn't see the wire. Slats described it as “a tiny forest of its own.”

“So that's the secret,” Slats asserts. “You take two trees that aren't perfect, that have flaws, that might even be homely, that maybe nobody else would want. If you put them together just right, you can come up with something really beautiful.”

Mike Royko, One More Time (University of Chicago Press, 1999), pp. 85-87

The above story/article was contributed by Stan & Paula Boelman. We chose it as the feature to begin Marriage Week 2017 as it best describes marriage as a whole. Interestingly, it was published in 1999, the year we started dating, and the story is a true reflection of our relationship. That process of joining the trees together as one gives the picture of marriage, as found in Genesis 2:24 which reads, "This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one." 

Vince & Janice Ramkissoon