​​Discussing the outcome of a recent case at the local crown court, we found the story of the teenager (who was tried and found guilty of a ‘knife crime’) similar to many we read about or hear of within our circles from time to time—home life in chaos leading to lack of interest in academic education, aspiring to the gang life for the visible material perks and feelings of belonging. He had been recently excluded from school and with no guidance he continued on a downward spiral. 

I often ask myself, ‘Is the solution dependent on us or on them?’ Depending on where you are sitting or standing, your ‘us’ and ‘them’ may differ from mine. I might be part of the 'us' group when you think of me, or I may be in the 'them' group of people. I'd like to state that we are all part of the solution. Even when we think it's got nothing to do with us, history has taught us that we are all part of the problem and equally all part of the solution. So in this space, I would like to offer what little I can to be part of the solution.

#W2SBeingPartOfTheSolution will be my way of contributing to the solution. Please join me in being part of the solution. Each of us have a part to play in our individual circles of life. If we all play our part in our small groups (family, classrooms, workplaces, neighbourhoods, etc.) then we will be contributing to the wider community and therefore being part of the solution.

During the month of June 2018, I will be sharing links to articles, videos and organizations I feel can provide help to those seeking help and also ones I believe are actively involved in being part of the solution.

Claiming Financial freedom

“Very good. Very informative. It gave real life situations and the characters were easy to relate to. The issues ...problems...points raised were relevant to modern day scenarios and provided practical and achievable solutions. (Javin Ramkissoon (14 yrs)


On Saturday, 5th August 2017, I celebrated my 45th birthday with members of Limbury Baptist church and friends from two other local churches. Twenty three (23) people (including my husband and our son) joined me that morning in a time of praise and I simply wanted to use this space to say, thank you for helping me celebrate with a purpose.   >>>More

#W2SBeingPartOfTheSolution will be attached to anything that I would like to contribute to the ongoing discussion of encouraging effective leadership within our homes. 

I chose this hastag activity as I have found social networking to be an effective way of breaking the silence in areas where we are more reluctant to share or unable to verbalise in a concise and effective way. Many helpful suggestions leading to problem solving have come through this avenue. 

Through my writing, I do intend to be part of the solution and I hope that you will find something of benefit through my sharing.

W2S Being Part Of The Solution

We are currently featuring a review of 'Youth Discipleship: Six Lessons from Change to Charge' to promote the brilliant work of the the Reverend (Revd.) Dr. Clinton Chisholm

A Review of Youth Discipleship
Marriage Week 2018!

Find resources to help you keep the fire in your marriage via Marriage Foundation & Marriage Week

Care for the Family

"Debt drives people to desperation; suicide, isolation, hunger... but CAP has an answer. Four CAP clients share how their lives have been transformed since getting debt help from CAP."  ~Christians Against Poverty UK

Our aim is to promote healthy relationships in the home, hence the theme running through this website focuses on marriage and parenting. 

Revd. Chisholm is someone who has demonstrated his effectiveness in leadership throughout his ministry. He captured my heart since I was a youth, and I am still being guided by his teaching, through his written pieces, today.  

I had the pleasure of witnessing Revd. Chisholm in action, in the early stages of his ministry. I began my Christian journey under his leadership and was exposed to what I now look back and know to be 'effective leadership'. I was able to witness his leadership, not just as a church leader but also as a leader in his home, through his affection towards his wife and children. I learned many lessons watching him serve our community and his family which inspired me to let my light shine.  

I was edified, as I read, 'Youth Discipleship - Six Lessons From Change to Charge' which he wrote with Paula Richards. I was delighted to introduce it to our teenage son who thoroughly enjoyed reading it and engaging in discussions on the topics. May you be encouraged by the review to obtain a copy for your youth group, teen child/ren or someone else who may benefit from the lessons within.

You have helped Janice reach just over £320 of her £450.00 target for Care for the Family. Thank you! 

Thank You


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Words to Encourage, Motivate & Inspire...

W2S Being Part of the Solution

Courageous The Movie And The Importance of Fathers:

A Review of Youth Discipleship

What's New?

Each year we get excited about Marriage Week because it gives us the opportunity to focus on our relationship. It is very easy to neglect our relationship. Marriage Week is a reminder to slow down and reflect as well as plan ahead. This year 'Marriage Week' is encouraging couples to 'Think Ahead!' focusing on the following five areas: ​marriage and family; fun; finances; work and home. You can read more here and follow the link for starter ideas.

We would also like to encourage you to read the article: 'Why Marriage' over on the Marriage Foundation website. Happy Marriage Week 2018!

~Vince & Janice

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Words to Engourage, Motivate & Inspire... 

A Thank you Message from Janice

“What I believe God is going to do is to take this movie and use it as a catalyst to set a fire on the churches. Unfortunately, in many churches, we've not seen it as part of our vision and mission to help families be whole and this movie provides an opportunity for churches to see how important that is.” —Dr. Daniel Simmons (Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church)

Janice S Ramkissoon

January 2018