Looking back through the lens of a wife and mother, after sixteen years outside that environment, I can see how ineffective leadership in the home can contribute to the negative outcome of a child's life."

Please click on the link below to listen to a voice recording of the article, 'Broken Vessel, Wounded Soul' by Janice S Ramkissoon. 

Broken Vessel, Wounded Soul was recently published in 'Let Hope Arise'. 

"How the past affects the present and our future

Despite the obstacles that presented themselves, in the first year of our marriage, my husband and I couldn't ignore the external issues of the many drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes we would pass on the streets each day. Then there were the sounds of reveling in the apartment below us and the domestic quarrels and physical fights spilling out on the streets. We had very little sleep in those early months...

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How Precious This Gift of Life

​On that journey through life, that child will meet many other relatives and friends of the family. Eventually, they will go to school and community groups where they will begin to make their own friends. They will meet other adult leaders who will play an important role in their lives. Everyone they come in contact with will make a deposit to, or withdrawal from their life. The leaders will be of great importance and impact their lives in a significant way.  

They will grow up to effect change in the lives of others depending on the grounding they've had and the impact of the influence of those leaders in their lives. They will influence their friends in school and in other social circles, based on the influence of the adults and older siblings, relatives and family friends they come in regular contact with.

Therefore, it is imperative to train our children up in the way they should go and be extra careful about who we allow to influence them outside the home. We should also ensure that we celebrate our children, their achievements, their milestones and show them (by our interest in their lives) how much they are loved. They will in turn pass that onto the next generation.

We celebrate the life of loved ones we've lost and call it a 'Funeral' or a 'Thanksgiving Service'. I've also heard it referred to as a 'Homegoing Service'. In any way it gives us the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones. Some of those loved ones didn't realise how much they were loved, while they were alive and they lived a less than fulfilled life. Some lived with resentment which fuelled the hatred in their hearts causing them to even commit murder, while others committed suicide. It is quite normal to see many mourners when a person dies and I often wonder how many knew that so many people loved them.

It would be grand if each child in every home gets to know just how much they are loved. That way they'll be able to extend that love to all who they come in contact with. It would be revolutionary! It would change our world.

It takes one act of kindness at a time to make a difference in the lives of those placed in our care. If you have the opportunity to let a child (minor or adult child) know just how much they are loved then don't let that opportunity pass you by.  

Let's celebrate life. Celebrate the achievements and milestones of your loved ones. Celebrate the uniqueness in them, instead of comparing them with others. Celebrate their birthdays and the different stages of their growth. It's another way of saying, 'I'm thankful for the gift of your life'. Life is a gift--yours and your loved ones--don't let it slip away. Cherish it! Live it well! Celebrate it!



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Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership. 

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When a baby is born, the entire family celebrates. Well, that is usually the case. I now understand that not everyone shares that experience. The celebration continues months later with a 'Dedication' service or a 'Christening'. 

​Soon afterwards, the child's first birthday will be celebrated and that trend will continue throughout his/her life.

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"Debt drives people to desperation; suicide, isolation, hunger... but CAP has an answer. Four CAP clients share how their lives have been transformed since getting debt help from CAP."  ~Christians Against Poverty UK

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​Discovering that debt is the main contributor to the high levels of stress in the home resulting in one of the main reasons many marriages end in divorce, we decided to add debt management to the equation.We will soon be sharing some helpful resources for our readers. To our UK readers, we would like to encourage you (if you find yourself struggling financially or know of others who could benefit) to visit CAP Money for help in getting your finances under control. It may save a marriage or keep a father involved in the lives of his children.

However, from personal experience, we recognise that although helpful tips and advice are available, when we have money worries it gets in the way of us benefiting from such advice. So we want you to remove the barriers that can hinder you from benefiting from the advice and developing healthier relationships.​

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"Debt is a silencer. It crushes people and pushes them to feel like the only way out is suicide. For John, Kim and Nick, the silence was broken by CAP. We spoke up for them when they were defeated and without hope. Their stories are an inspiring picture of God's power at work today in the UK."