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'Rising From The Ashes' was born out of the search for love from a fatherless child. This is a special feature-length article to honour some very special men in our society.​ >>>More

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Thank you to James Toone (our last contributor to the old website) and all our previous contributors. Your articles and poems have been a blessing to us and our visitors. May you continue to use your gifts to bless the lives of others and bring honour to our heavenly Father. >>>More

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In the beginning I had no idea what to do... I felt overwhelmed. ...In the end I realised why I was told to, 'finish what you started,' and with an understanding to 'freely give.'

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Each year we take time out of our busy schedules to celebrate marriages for an entire week. This week of celebration begins on the 7th day and ends on the 14th day of February. >>>More

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We would like to thank all the relatives and friends who came to support our son at his thanksgiving concert. You've all helped us to celebrate him becoming a teenager. We couldn't have done it without your support. >>>More

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A 40 year journey of grieving was given purpose on March 12, 2016. I finally started to understand my pain's purpose and found reason to celebrate. ...consequences of which has been detrimental to my emotional and spiritual development. My healing came through writing Embracing Forgiveness. Therefore, it has been the best thing I've done so far, to aid my emotional and spiritual growth, yet it has been the most painful of the journey. ​ ​>>>More

​'W2S is celebrating its 10th anniversary by featuring 10 different writers over the coming year. Written works are a reflection of the Master's heart...' In this update our featured writer is Jody R Goode.


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