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by Vince & Janice Ramkissoon

​​“...the greatest pain is not in failing, but in looking back when we are old and thinking, ‘I should have tried.’ ” This is our favourite quote in 'The Wisdom House' and sums up the reason the author wrote the book: “As you know, the point of inviting you into my study for these little chats has been all about sharing the lessons learned by older people (including me!) down through the years…”.​

Thank You & Feedback From Janice

12th October 2017

Leadership / Support

On Saturday, 5th August 2017, I celebrated my 45th birthday with members of Limbury Baptist church and friends from two other local churches. Twenty three (23) people (including my husband and our son) joined me that morning in a time of praise and I simply wanted to use this space to say, thank you for helping me celebrate with a purpose.   

The celebration was a combination of a time of praise (to God for my life) and promotion for the charity ‘Care for the Family’. Thank you to all who helped me to celebrate. I really appreciated your effort (from your encouraging messages in cards to me as well as your online communications through to your presence on the day and donations received, in lieu of gifts, for Care for the Family). Your support helped to raise a total of £291.04 plus £32.50 Gift Aid. If you would like to understand my reason for choosing  to ‘celebrate and give’ to Care for the Family please visit our JustGiving page ( or see updates on here at or on my Facebook page (if you are connected to me there). 

To Beryl: thank you for your patience in the planning stages. It was very much appreciated. Although we had to tone down the celebration, as most people were unavailable during that period, I do intend to work alongside the Praise leaders at a later date to see this come to fruition. Hope to see you all at that Praise session.Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Unfortunately, Nyree wasn't successful this time. We continue to cheer her on as she progresses through her higher education and wish her all the best for the future. Congratulationsto The Young Mayor for 2017–18: Laurelle Henry and the Deputy Young Mayor, Edafese Erhenede. See full results here (this will take you to the Lewisham Council website).

Many thanks to the praise leaders who were present (Sandra, Yomi, Barry and Marion) for responding to my plea for help with the final song, ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’ and to Javin and Graeme for assisting me on the piano. Thank you to Helen, Beverley, Kyra and Javin for helping me remind parents and leaders (who serve God’s little ones) that, ‘Children learn what they live’.


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​​​Gerrit Bantjets, a Care for the Family speaker, wrote an article called, ‘Do you love him as your own?’ with the sub-title, ‘The reality of being a step-dad’.  In the article, the author shared five tips ‘about bringing up step-children:

​1.Be patient
2.Respect their other biological parent
3.Agree with your partner
4.Treat them as your own
5.Create new family traditions

I wanted to do something significant with the number 45, to remember my 45th birthday. I chose to fundraise for the charity over a period of 45 days (5 Aug - 18 Sep) to maximise the impact of making a difference to the lives of other struggling families. I was first introduced to the charity through Limbury Baptist church (Bedfordshire, UK). 

***The website 'Embracing Forgiveness dot com' is now closed. ***

'Embracing Forgiveness' ~ Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Vince and Javin for helping me bring it all together (including wearing the promotional T-shirts to help promote the charity on the day). Thank you to Craig and Alan for giving them a crash course so they could operate the AV and video system on the day and for later providing a CD of the session for us. 

Thank you for visiting Write2Shine (W2S). Here at W2S, words are used to encourage, motivate and inspire us to be more effective in our leadership. We are on a mission of educating the next generation of leaders.

A big thank you to the Rev. David Fleming for welcoming guests who attended the event, and for his humility in responding favourably to the request of sharing the poem, ‘When I Say I Am A Christian,’ and allowing our friend,  the Rev. Stan Boelman (Fellowship Baptist) to take to the pulpit and deliver a message reminding us (parents and grandparents) that ‘...It is easier to train up a child than to repair a broken man’. 

A Thank You Note From Janice

A Thank YOu Note From Janice

Nyree Nestor is running for 'Young Mayor' of Lewisham. She is passionate about helping her peers and here at W2S we are passionate about helping youth to recognise their potential. We want to encourage Nyree, whom I've had the pleasure of mentoring. During that period I have seen her exhibit such leadership skills necessary to motivate and lead her peers. In this update of W2S, we are focusing on Nyree's campaign for Young Mayor of Lewisham. We will bring you further updates.

Why 45 Days?

It meant a lot to me, a fatherless child, to have had a male leader represent me on the day I chose to celebrate my 45th birthday (which so happened to be my first birthday celebration). Thank you Mr. Fleming! We don’t always know how God will use us to be a blessing in the lives of His children. You were a blessing to me that day and I thank you for standing with me as I walk the path of healing. Thank you also for allowing me to share with the congregation, on Sunday 6th August which leads me to say, Thank you to Trudy & Simon for assisting me with the song, ‘Be Still’—(hymn 40 SOF) sung during the morning service.

Dear Friends,
...My heart is overwhelmed seeing how you responded to the call to love the least of the least among you. Thank you for sharing your finances to help struggling and bereaved families through my chosen charity Care for the Family. >>>continue reading here.

Words To Encourage, Motivate & Inspire.



A Step-Child Advises Step-Fathers

It was a parenting session run by one of the deacons[i] in 2007. Since then, my family and I have greatly benefited from the courses, seminars and other resources they provide and we simply wanted to share that good news with others who could benefit also from those services or share with the people they are connected to.

[i] Jane Browne