Nevertheless, I grew in understanding and was able to separate how I felt about the day's celebrations and what the day actually represents. Our son has taught me what celebrating motherhood truly means and now I look forward to celebrating each year.

Although I didn't grow up with my mother, I still have a reason to celebrate her on Mother's Day. I honour her for giving life to me, without which I would not be in existence. What I now do with that life is dependent on me and the choices I make from here on. I learnt that it is the act of the will, not the feelings, that contributes to the lasting impact.  

I now have a family and can appreciate the difficulties my mother would have faced bringing me up on her own. It doesn't excuse the neglect or invalidate the feeling of abandonment I felt which has impacted the past two decades of my life in a very negative way, but it helps me to see her as human and accept that humans by nature do make mistakes and choices that impact the lives of others. I am now able to use that experience to influence the way I contribute to our parenting journey which will form part of our child's experience. 

What my mother thought was the best thing to do for me (leaving me with my grandparents) may well have been the best thing to do based on her then circumstance but it was also the very thing that bred resentment in my heart. Nevertheless, I have come to accept that she was doing the best that she could, at the time, and appreciate that it may have been the most difficult thing that she had to do.

Today, I'm thankful that I have experienced healing and with eyes now opened can experience a new kind of mother-daughter relationship. It has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people over the years of growing up and even now as I go through my own parenting experience. Their contribution have helped with the process of healing and today I can say: 

"Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for your labour of love." 

Your loving daughter 


Looking back through the lens of a wife and mother, after sixteen years outside that environment, I can see how ineffective leadership in the home can contribute to the negative outcome of a child's life."

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Broken Vessel, Wounded Soul was recently published in 'Let Hope Arise'. 

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Overcoming the Consequences of Ineffective Leadership. 

"How the past affects the present and our future

Despite the obstacles that presented themselves, in the first year of our marriage, my husband and I couldn't ignore the external issues of the many drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes we would pass on the streets each day. Then there were the sounds of reveling in the apartment below us and the domestic quarrels and physical fights spilling out on the streets. We had very little sleep in those early months...

Each year as we celebrate mothers there are some children who are unsure of what it truly means to celebrate their mothers. There are also mothers who really do not understand what the day truly represent.

This is one of the areas I struggled with. I never truly understood the celebration aspect of motherhood. 

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