'Family' is a word that brings a warm feeling to the hearts of many. Nevertheless, to many others it's a word that conjures up many negative emotions. W2S aims to provide something here that will confirm that you are on the right track with your parenting or help to bring about healing to the places of hurt. >>>Click here for the family page.

​​​What does it mean to have faith? How does faith affect our worldview? These are questions worth thinking about and the aim of W2S is to share articles that will help to make us think more deeply about our faith journey.  >>>Click here for the Faith page.

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It is a pleasure to serve you through my writing. I aim to share articles with a focus on family, faith and finance. If you find value in any of the pieces you read, please share with friends and family members who may also benefit and keep the gift multiplying. Thank you for your support.  ~Janice 

Lacking wisdom in the area of finance can have a direct impact on the other areas of our lives. Bringing financial health to our lives is a wise thing to do. W2S would like to share some helpful resources you may find beneficial. >>>Click here to Finance page.

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